Awesome new features of Adobe Illustrator CC 2019

The features showcased in the video:

  1. Puppet Warp Tool Upgrade
  2. Freeform Gradient
  3. Global Edit
  4. Typography Improvements
  5. Variable Fonts :heart_eyes:
  6. Toolbar Upgrades

well nothing “big” since cs3 :drooling_face:

I’d go even further than that and say there’s been little more than incremental changes to Illustrator since it became possible to edit one’s work in preview mode rather than with the outlines. That was what, back in about 1990 or so.

OMG Have you seen the stuff in InDesign?!
I’ve been geeking out

Good stuff always loved Illy since v10 … but I’m still pissed at their licensing practices.

Variable fonts was available in cc2018.

I haven’t implemented it yet. I’m waiting for one more print vendor to give me the green light.

Thanks for posting. I’ve just updated the full set. Feeling my way around.

Here you can find all the new stuff.




This way you know what to do during the weekend

To be honoust; When reading and watching this about Adobe I am so happy I switched over to Affinity. There are some things they have to add and fixes to make, but I never forget how incredibly liberating it was to finally get rid of that ridiculous hostage licensing system. After leaving Adobe I could literally not open up any of my own design files anymore, which is pretty crazy. After paying thousands of euros to Adobe for years I couldn’t even watch my own designs anymore.
That said; hopefully Affinity will catch up soon in adding some missing features, 'cause it’s not perfect, but still it’s already a great alternative and you really buy the software; it’s yours. Forever!! And you get free updates even till the next mayor version. And it has some great features Illustrator doesn’t have and speeds up my workflow a lot, like automatic exporting artboards to different filetypes and resolutions while making changes to the layout.


YES! This is exactly what I’m hoping I hear more and more people say over the coming months. I haven’t made the switch yet, but I’m seriously considering it for home (freelance) use. My workplace is a different story, but I’m more than a little tired of paying for Adobe’s subscription model, which strikes as more of an extortion scheme.

As for the new features in the whole CC suite, as usual, I don’t really need any of these features. Perhaps two or three of them would be useful (new gradient tool for Illustrator, although I’m anticipating possible RIP problems with it), but that’s about it. In my opinion, the rest is mostly just bloat added to already terribly bloated applications.

The problem with so many new additions to Adobe software is that they are always trying to get things to market first. So most of the “new” features are incomplete and/or buggy. The code for meshes, pattern swatches, and complex smart objects are all still inefficiently written (essentially putting processes in the wrong order) and only work about 80% of the time to the level promised on first release.

Anyone remember Quark XPress?

I will look into Affinity.

Another problem is that even if they weren’t buggy, few of these additions are all that useful. They mostly just amount to Adobe’s rationale for continuing to charge ongoing fees for something that really hasn’t been substantially improved in years.

It’s a problem most every successful software developer faces. Come up with a great product, sell it, make a bunch of money then try to figure out how to keep the revenue stream coming in even though the product has already been purchased and already does the job it was purchased to do. The solution: never-ending and marginally useful incremental “upgrades” and bug fixes.

Couldn’t agree with you more on this. That’s why I’m still running CC 2018 on High Sierra. I’m waiting for everyone else to solve the technical issues before I upgrade.

New Updates seems Fascinating

I’m having trouble with the latest Illustrator update. Getting files to transfer to press is taking a very long time and sometimes times out the machine. These files are only 15MB so this is not a size issue.

Any help would be appreciated.

It would help if you describe your procedure. “Transfer to press” isn’t an official feature name, and if you’re referring to simply invoking the Print command, long spool times are almost never the fault of the host application. It’s much more likely to be an issue with the artwork itself (file size notwithstanding) or an OS-level, print driver hangup. Have you tried printing from Acrobat instead of directly from Illustrator?

HotButton beat me to the question: what exactly does “transfer to press” mean?

Are you just printing something to an output device of some kind? If so, I haven’t experienced any problems with it in this regard. Could your printer driver or firmware be in need of an update? Have you tried printing to PDF or another output device of some kind to see if the problem is the same in each instance? Is it just one file you’re having problems with or is it a general problem with all files?

Are you talking about the update from several days ago or months ago?

  1. The very latest update.
  2. Transfer to press: All I mean is that the pressman pulls my art from the server to set up the ganging, then sends it to the Press Control Unit. The problem seems to be between his computer (running the press software) and the control unit of the press itself.
  3. This is happening intermittently. Ex: A file may make it over and print normally once, but then hang the next time. So it’s not individual files.
  4. Cache is cleared. Jobs list is minimal. Press is completely functional otherwise. So it shouldn’t be a memory issue.

We have a communication problem between the setup cpu (preflight) and the control cpu (press cpu). I’m going down a series of checks to fix it. One check is the software update.

Managed to work through it. Ran all the basic diagnostics, cleaned up, updated…

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