Back from the distant lands

Hello Everyone,

I use to be a member back in the 90’s and Early 00’s. I see Red Kitty is still running around. wonder who else I might remember. I think I got the same handle as way back because the forum has prolly gone thru a lot of changes…

I have been designing since 97. Doing more Web design now. Touching on some PHP code with my HTML and CSS skills. Still love rocking the Adobe PS and Illy. Looking to find some good photo repositories that are free or wondering if anybody would want to to split a monthly membership to istock or Getty images. Send me a PM if anybody is interested or can point me toward something affordable.

Also I forgot to mention I left the rains down in Africa since I came back too

Welcome back. I wasn’t around then. I joined in 2013.

Welcome back. I wasn’t a forum member that long ago either, but there are still a few here who were. And you’re right, the forum’s gone through lots of changes and changes in ownership.

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