Back to tech writing in Montreal, still loving the images aspect

Good day,

I’m back to technical writing after an absence of something like 20 years, working full-time(*) at a company doing…let’s call them really, really, really profitable websites. Back in the 90’s, I worked at Eicon Technology, then had a few short-term contract gigs.

I spent most of those intervening 20-odd years doing tech support on the phone. If I never do that again…good riddance!

Picking up new skills, i.e., current ones for the field! It’s my first time using Confluence as a documentation platform. Apparently we’re not on the latest version here, but I’m not sure that would make a difference; I’m not a huge fan.

Another new skill is PhotoShop. Working with the images part of documentation has always been a huge draw for me. My employer also got me Illustrator, but I don’t know how much I’ll be using it. Screenshots are my image stock-in-trade, at least for now.

I am very fortunate that our UX/UI designer, with whom I work closely, is a PS mage and not at all reluctant to help me. There is so much to PS. Lots to learn.

Away from the office, I’m into flying kites, I sing in a choir and play piano, and I like gaming on my PS3.


(*) Unicorn job, am I right?

I must resist the urge to insert puns here.

Welcome to the forum.

Photoshop is a deep program. I’ve been using it quite some time, and I’ll still see a technique or tutorial that will just blow me away.

Welcome! There’s a few programmes out there, all with different strength. I’m sure you’ll find “yours”.

Thing with Photoshop is that even if you didn’t have your PS mage, there’s so many tutorials online. Illustrator is a good one to learn too but depends on what you are trying to create.

I use Indesign the most for my day-to-day graphic design work.

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