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I am going for a clean design with colors representing the scent of the oil.
My goal is to being instantly recognizable, returning customers would instantly know which oil they purchased according to the color and I think it’s nice on the eyes.
I tried to stray away from traditional beard oil designs (the wild west or the over manly).
I have in mind that the selection might expand in the future and more products will be made available under the same brand (face cream, hand cream, lotions. etc…).

Happy to hear some feedback of what works and what doesn’t. :slight_smile:

Don’t split the word Icarus like you’ve done in the top row.
Beard oil that smells like gunpowder? Yuck.

Any particular reason for not splitting Icarus?
It’s not an actual gunpowder smell, it’s a blend of black pepper essential oil and two more essential oils. Name “black pepper” wouldn’t really sell, “gunpowder” on the other hand… I think so at least. We will see when it goes on a shelf. It’s a fresh smell with a bit of a kick when you first apply it.

I don’t know about anyone else looking at it.
I don’t know your product, and it took a good many seconds to figure out what that was spelling, even with the word spelled out below it. Try it on some people who have never heard of you.

Gunpowder is a mix of smoke and sulphur smells. Some of it can smell really bad, depending on the manufacturer. Anyone familiar with it probably isn’t going to wear it. It’ll be an interesting marketing experiment. I know people that might buy it as it’s the “coolest” name.

I hope no one thinks the beard oil has an actual sulphur smell :sweat_smile:
Who in the world would make an actual gunpowder smell?
And I agree, I am hoping it will be a good selling point with like you said, a “cool” name.

So Icarus is hard to read if it’s split? I really can’t see it but that probably goes to the fact that I already know what it says. Will work on that.

The top row reads Ica Rus not Icarus.

Concentrate on refining the second row. Spend more time on the Icarus type. Right now, it looks like you added every special character in the face and called it done, but it’s just not hanging together. The wing seems a little tacked on and off balance. Try to better integrate that with the design.

Thank you for the feedback. Appreciate it.

As a Greek that enjoy’s mythology, I like the concept. As a beard product I think “Icarus” lends its self more to beard wax as oppose to oil (given the nature of the story).

Apart from that connection, I agree with the others in splitting the name, It reads as two words.

Aside note:
Is “Pure Gold” a premium oil set apart from the others? I only ask because the text is in gold as oppose to white like all the rest? (and are there 24k gold flakes in it–that would be an awesome selling point!)

If you are looking to expand the product line, keep in mind your colour pallets. If every product has a different colour, and you have a lot of products it may get messy (it may not).

I am also a history enthusiast and very much love Greek mythology. I was thinking about wax too when I was coming up with the name.

Pure Gold was initialy intended to be just carrier oils, no essential oils. And the oil mixture it would use would give a gold-ish colour.
I was tinkering with a similar idea but not with flakes, I was looking into gold powder. They could get picked up by the dropper and it would give a shine to the beard.

I agree with you about the colours. I would change the packaging colour with every new product, distinguishing one product from the other.

Thank you for the feedback.

I don’t think the hero font (logo?) matches the product at all.

Beard oil sounds like a studly, masculine product and that scripty, flowy, feminine font just does not work, in my opinion.

I’m not suggesting you use one of these fonts; I’m using them to show examples of more masculine flavors. (Unless the target market is gay men; in that case, I’m wrong.)


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Ahhh, but does a manly man even need an oiled beard? :wink:

I think this product speaks to the well-groomed, trendy, metrosexual, fashion conscious hipster crowd.

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Well, I’ll tell ya, B… You’re right. I’ve never heard of that product, and can’t imagine what the point would be. It actually sounds, well, gross. :stuck_out_tongue:

Beards should be clean.



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Beard oil is definitely a trendy new thing. Whenever I hear it all I see is this guy :wink:

Meet your average, every day Lumbersexual :wink:

I’m sure his favorite scent would be gun powder :smiley:

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Well then, I’ve found the perfect font.


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Actually beard oil is made out of carrier oils and essential oils. Carrier oils can be argan oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, etc. which feed the beard and moisturize the skin underneath. Skin under the beard gets dry fast and many men have problems when grooming their beard, with acne, pimples, etc… and oils help with that. Not my fault you never heard of this product, step into a barber shop and you will see they are equipped with a big line of different oils. They can be put on after grooming or after a clean shave to prevent dry skin, heal cuts, feed the skin, etc… and barbers have been putting beard oils on mens beards and faces for decades.
Yes, even men have started to take care of our skin and hair.

Now look, I wanted a critique of the logo, it became a mockery of the product. Now I see why they advised me to not join this forum.
Thank you everyone for your feedback.

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CunaJunior, you got good feedback. From serious, professional graphic designers.

If we had a little fun with it too, then it’s kind of a win-win. The humor didn’t take away from the feedback.

This group provides good information to a lot of people, including students and professionals, who ask for it. For no charge, too. If you want feedback according to your standards, then you might have to pay for it. But if I were you, I’d just accept the feedback and ignore the humor.

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Those questioning the product also gave you a chance to explain it to those of us who have never heard of beard oil, which you did.

Judging from what you’ve written, you’re personally involved with this product. If so, you need to market it — not only to those currently using these kinds of products but to those who would not normally be customers or understand why they might benefit from it.

This forum and the comments made about the product gave you that chance. You were doing a great job with doing exactly that until your last paragraph devolved into petulance.


Hmm … I wonder who “they” is :wink:

If it’s been around for centuries, it apparently lost favor. Because no one I know has ever heard of it or been offered it by a barber/salon. So, it’s still a more recent trend. Regardless of when it originated. You even eluded to that yourself with this comment.

It’s highly plausible that it’s come back into favor now because it’s another venue to push essential oil sales. I could be wrong but it seems everyone and their brother can’t survive unless they are diffusing lavender and sniffing lemon oil. :wink:

And remember this is a public forum … if you ask for opinions, that’s what you will get. It’s up to you how you process them.


And all this time i’ve been dousing myself with a little gunpowder before I leave the house, just to have that “battlefield musk” that’s so popular.

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