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Hello all!

I have been working on a header for my new and upcoming blog and would love to know which is the preferred header to use. I personally like the one that spells out “Midwest” because the image that is clipped inside doesn’t take up a minimum of half the letters.

Let me know which you prefer.

Thanks all!

If your plan is to reverse an image out of the type, you might want to use an image that lends itself to being legible when used that way. I can make out a man’s face in the S, but the rest of it is a mystery.

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Hi digiMN. Is the image that is being used set in stone? I would prefer an image that is more of an even texture/pattern. It’s hard to know what this is supposed to be.

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I’m glad this was mentioned, I never looked at that close enough to make sure it was legible. I will have to make the proper adjustments here. Great find!

Hi Buda, thanks for mentioning this! I’m glad you and Just-B found this because I didn’t think of this. Thanks for the insight! :beers:

I thought the second one said MAY. So yeah … check that legibility :wink: I like what you are trying to do with it though :slight_smile:

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