Bonjour 🇫🇷

Hello everyone!

I was recently looking for a forum where to share my work, learn, improve myself as I just decided to become Freelance Graphic Designer in Prague. I was always attracted by design but never had the chance to follow this call. Now I can, so i’m doing it!

I work on logo design but I want to improve myself in illustrations, web and app design, and everything that is around! I want to build my portfolio, know how to present and share my work, improve my skills in the adobe suite.

I will see you around in the forum :slight_smile:


Welcome, Spring!

Welcome Aboard!!! :slight_smile: Glad you found us :slight_smile:



Je suis francophone et je ne voudrais pas passer incognito en voyant ta présentation sur le site.
Je te souhaite la bienvenue et serai, en tant que débutant, ravi d’apprendre avec toi.

Bien à toi.

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Good to see you back GDFLearner :slight_smile:

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Do you really remember me?.
It surprises me and makes me happy.

See you soon :slight_smile:

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