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To practice my design skills, I started a 30-day book cover design challenge, and I’d like feedback for the first ones I’ve made. It’s the first time I’ve done manipulations like these, but I guess what I struggle with the most is the type. I’m not sure if the size of the images is too small, but if it is please let me know. Thank you by the way. Feedback is always appreciated.

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I think you’ve done a nice job with these. I especially like the typefaces you chose for the mermaid and witch book covers.

I think the imagery and colors work well too.

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Three of these, if I saw them on the shelf (or on an online bookstore thumbnail interface,) I’d pick them up to read the jacket.
Hellevator, Mermaid and Cursed.
They are the least generic of the lot. The others, they all depend on the content as to whether they are appropriate, but they don’t engender a lot of “pick-me-up-and-look” appeal. Or I’m not the demographic. Hard to tell with no design brief.

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Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile: I forgot to add this.
Day 1 (Mermaid): A cover with no models.
Day 2 (Witch and kiss): A cover with your favorite color. For this I had to make two since the one with the kiss didn’t convince me at first.
Day 3 (Cursed): A black and white cover. I know there’s color though :sweat_smile:
Day 4 (Rain): A cover with a close-up of a person
Day 5 (Hellevator): A cover with song lyrics as a title or subtitle. I’m a huge fan of korean music and there’s a group called Stray Kids and that title is one of their songs.
Day 6 (Moon): A cover that reflects your emotions. I’m not good at expressing myself but I kinda went with the idea that after a lonely and exhausting day, there’s someone there to listen even if that ‘someone’ is just the moon.

There is a major flaw in your “challenge” assignments.
They all relate to YOU.
If you were doing this for real, it would have to relate to the content and have “shelf-appeal” to the demographic. It would have nothing to do with you at all.
In fact I’m not at all a proponent of self-directed projects for Graphic Design majors in school.
But I suppose it is an exercise of sorts.
And you did a very good job on most of them.

Agreed. This challenge was started on Wattpad so I was just trying to follow it, but for that same reason that they relate to me I find it even harder to complete, so I’m considering doing something else for the rest of the days. I also started this challenge to practice with Photoshop and manips. I might consider going through my Kindle and pick books with covers that I don’t like to redesign them. Maybe that’ll help me have more ideas too.

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