Book recommendations to learning graphic design

Hey everyone!
I am new here and I am a beginner in graphic design. I want to learn it on my own. Does anyone have recommendations for books or online courses for graphic design or any other tips for the beginning.
Thanks for answering :slight_smile:

Would recommend: Typographic Design: Form and Communication

I wouldn’t recommend learning it on your own.

There are loads of books that could be useful to you, but the best books are those named as part of a good degree course. That way your learning will be coherent and joined-up, not just random, aimless reading in unguided directions.

That said one of the most useful books I read at university as part of the curriculum was Design for the Real World by Victor Papenek. It is not specifically Graphic Design, but it is a great aid in learning to think in the right way.

I’d still recommend a good degree from a good university should be your first port of call.

All that said, of course, it depends what you are learning for. If it is to become a professional and make a living as a designer, my last advice stands. If it is just for fun, as a hobbyist, crack on. Here’s a few to look at – in no particular order:

Just my type, Simon Garfield

Treasury of alphabets and lettering, Jan Tschichold

Typography, Ruairi McLean (a good, solid book on the basics)

Books on the history of typography, so you understand how and why. Going back to the basics is crucial to understanding.

As you can see, I think understanding type is fundamentally important. If you don’t get it, you’ll never be able to design effectively.

Eric Gill’s essay on typography.

Thinking with Type, Ellen Lupton

The Elements of Typographic Style, Robert binghurst

Grid Systems in Graphic Design
Josef MĂĽller-Brockmann,

How to use graphic design, Michael Beirut

Erik Spiekermann’s Stop stealing sheep and find out how type works.

Read books on colour theory.

Interaction of Color’ by Josef Albers

The Art of Looking Sideways, Alan Fletcher

Why Fonts Matter, Sarah Hyndman

100 Ideas That Changed Design’ by Peter Fiell & Charlotte Fiell

I could go on, but that is why a structured program of learning (not from an online private collage) is a good idea.

Hope this helps

Well that is a lot… but thank you anyways. It’s a huge help and I will take a closer look at these books.

I want to learn graphic design for myself as a hobby, not necessarily to make money (at least not in the beginning)

If you want to do it professionally at any point, I’d suggest doing it properly. People who have been usually the people you are looking to get jobs from) can spot the self taught a mile. If I were looking to employ some one, unless they had a killer portfolio and could demonstrate they to really know what they were talking about, I wouldn’t employ someone without a good degree – and I wouldn’t be alone in this.

If it’s just for fun, then, enjoy yourself.

I got an Associate’s degree in Art and one of my favorite books to come out of any one of my design classes was Megg’s History of Graphic Design. It’s comprehensive without being boring and there’s tons of pictures. I like to flip around to the chapters/time periods that I’m most interested in, for both inspiration and to learn. Hope this helps!