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Hi. He recently worked on an educational services project. I wanted to get feedback. Below I attach a link and some photos from the project:

I fixed your image tags. Also you say “He” … did you design these?

The stroke of the key visual (the ellipse) is too thin.

The same is true for the stripes of the flag. You should make them thicker, if you want the flag to look good - and be recognizable - at smaller sizes.

Can you read those t-shirts as posted here (ie from a distance?)
I can’t. And these seem to be advertising so I’d guess that’s important?

On the Beatles image…yeah…um…gotta license?

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A peculiar and rather unappealing name. A flag that doesn’t appear to represent anywhere or anything. The oval is rando, at least to us non-music making folk.

What you’ve done seems a bit random. You mentioned an “educational services project,” but I don’t know what sweatshirts, The Beatles, guitars, t-shirts, flags, thin-lined ovals, and a Eugène Delacroix painting have to do with the project. I don’t know how any of these things relate to each other.

Maybe it would all make sense if I knew more about this project and what you were attempting to achieve, but it’s difficult to critique something without knowing how it all fits together.

You also mentioned “brand design.” Are you asking us to critique only the logo and the oval? Do the other miscellaneous items and graphics relate to the brand design? Is the generally black and white quality of the items part of the brand? Again, I’m uncertain how everything connects and your reasons behind your decisions.

I think I get what you’re going for with the flag - it’s supposed to be music bars as a flag, because “Music Country”, right? If so, it’s going over some heads. The oval you’re using might be meant to evoke a music note - I think it matches a lot of sheet music, but I don’t know if that’s intentional, but since it’s a recurring motif I’m going to guess yes? Those are two decent blocks, but they’re being used in a way that only reads to someone familiar with sheet music. If that’s your target, it’s not bad, but if you’re aiming for all music lovers, not just musicians, then you’re missing a big chunk with what you have here.

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