Brand Review

Hi guys, been a while since i posted something here.

One of my side projects for a while has been creating a clothing brand. Sales dwindled fairly fast, and it got me thinking that I may have my work, or should I say the designs, all over the place and not “on brand”.

I asked a friend of mine to take a look and she basically said “it looks scattered”. Which after looking at it from a customer viewpoint and not owner, believe she has a point. I think i lost the overall theme.

Its funny, creating projects for myself always seems to be a impossible feat, whereas creating for others seems to be on the easier end of the spectrum. Go figure

In any event, any feedback, good or bad, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I don’t get a clear message of your brand and target market. Your content says building self worth, but I’m not sure I get that based on your visuals. You may want to look into building a stronger branding as a whole, and introduce consistent elements .

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