Build a logo for an academy

This is a logo which I have designed for my client who wants to create an academy for coaching kids. He plans to later on turn it into a school by God’s will. Please critique it and choose the best one.


We want to educate our children with modern Cambridge based curriculum in religious environment. Our goal is to create high quality professionals of each field with Islamic values who will lead this ummah(Muslims) to it’s true Islamic glory.


A bridge between the Islamic world in the times of the height of Ottomon Empire and the modern world.

Target Audience:

Children from middle class families who aren’t spoiled and hard working. We want quality and not quantity.


Serious, Precision, Modern, leadership,Technical, Imam Hatip School, Educate, Turkish, Cambridge, Wisdom, Islamic, Light, Middle Class


Instead of depicting a building in which the academy resides, I would be more inclined to design something that more abstractly alludes to the academy’s purpose and values.

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The current logo looks like a barn, not a like a University.

I agree with @Just-B, you need to focus on the values you bring, not the building. I think the color red is out of place here. You’re not trying to be Coca-Cola. Gold, maroon, earthy colors and deep blues are your friends.

It’s important for you to spend sufficient time on this project, and get professional help if needed, because you want to portray quality, and this logo will represent the institution. You don’t want a so-so logo here.

Islamic art is extremely rich visually and has lots of symbology that you can use. Dig deeper and research historical documents on this subject.

In general this project is going to be a challenging project, because the Islamic part is fundamentally a very conservative subject and the opposite of modernity in people’s eyes. I think you have the right idea to reference the Ottoman empire where Islamic culture was leading the way in science and technology.

If it was up to me I would focus on a famous Ottoman scientist and name the school after him. Something like Kâtip Çelebi Academy or Taqi ad-Din Muhammad Academy (TDMA), and then use their image as the face of the school, this way you focus on the science and historical roots.

Alternatively, for the logo I would use geometric designs, which are universally admired, yet closely associated with Islamic culture, and they give you unlimited options. See examples of other organizations using such universally appealing designs.

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Thanks for your feedback, your time and effort.

I agree with Just-B. You mentioned a bridge between past, and present. Taking this concept into graphic reality would be nice to see.

The current piece you have here, has too many tiny elements that just won’t be feasible in most applications. Islam is deeply rooted in symbolism. My religious studies of Islam were unfortunately brief, but I do recall the idea of “paths” in life and faith (Sunnah, I had to look it up), and Muhammad as the messenger of God - turning any of the figurative depictions into a logo would also be appropriate.


Yeah, I appreciate your feedback. I agree to what you guys are suggesting. You are making sense. However, I think the new image I uploaded was better than previous one. What do you think?

I don’t want to offend you, just trying to be helpful, but now it reminds me of a trash container like this one:

It’s definitely not communicating the long history and culture of the Ottoman empire.

lol! Yeah I understand it needs more time. Ok Thank you for your feedback.

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