Business logo critique

Me and a friend are starting a podcast. Would love to get some critiques on the images I came up with.

Thank you in advance,

Did you do that on your phone?
It’s not a logo, but for a podcast, whatever suits you tickles me plum to death.
Why is one guy wearing a crown?

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Can you provide more context? ie: What subject the podcast covers, etc. It’s a little difficult to critique without more information on what you’d like to accomplish. For example, the only difference between the four is background color, so look into what feel you want your podcast to have and that could dictate color choice.

You should try to just use text as an alternative branding method because “Boys Two Men” may be difficult to read on small screens.

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More of a “cover image” than a logo, certainly. If the two cartoons really look like you and your friend, it’s about as good as half the podcast cover images I’ve seen (which honestly, isn’t saying much). But, IMO the name is a horrible, unoriginal bastardization of the obvious other identity (who should object), and a terribly weak play on words.

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Yes. All the graphics were done on an iPhone 8. The one guy wearing a crown is me. I thought it would be playful. But that can easily be changed.

So the idea was to bring a podcast to life that touched on issues that guys have that they are afraid to talk about. We’re trying to bring wisdom and knowledge on topics like finance, love, relationships, leaders, business, all those things. We interview people who are successful in there fields and really get deep to what it takes to be a successful man in this day an age. Not tryna see any more kids popping tide pods and putting condoms up there nose, but have some guidance from guys that are older. Sorta like a mentorship.

Also when say I should use text as a context. Could you elaborate?

I hear your critiques. Any suggestions? Feedback? The name was chooses because it’s just two guys that have seen there fair share of dark days and don’t want to see kids go through the same thing. So I did like to hit the market and have it make an impact because the podcast is really about mentorship and leadership for males who don’t have fathers or leaders they can look up to in their respect communities

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