Can you plz give me some feedback on my portfolio?

I need some feedback on my portfolio.

heres the link:

Your work looks nice, but the actual design of the portfolio and presentation of the work are lacking — to the point that it makes it difficult to appreciate your work. I would work to simplify the presentation and make it more clear. Also, the scrolling text is not only distracting, but it is scrolling in the wrong direction. We read from left to right, but the words appear from right to left.


Steve_O has point … try change the background color, now the work is out of focus as presentation, or if thats some mark of Yours then make some simple video presentation where on less bright and matted background will drop the work … or just change the background color of the page … also I’ll center the username if want to scream buy me, and btw the roller is disturbing the chance to meditate on the designs, or at least use smaller font, maybe explanation box or bubble coz target group …

You have to check if they are taking space because of loading speed .