Christmas Hymns book

A new word search book, this time Xmas hymn themed.

I’ve been struggling with this. Most of the existing Xmas word search book covers available to buy are either too busy or don’t look very xmas/bible related:

I quite like the idea of nativity and so designed something based on that. It looks good, bit I feel it’s missing something.

Cover 1AClick to make bigger

I’ve tried some variations, but none seem right.

Cover 1BClick to make bigger

Cover 1CClick to make bigger

I think am I stuck in a mental rut, but people on this forum are always helpful for snapping me out of it, so I’d appreciate any comments.

PS. I know I’ve been posting a lot of word search books lately, but this is the last for a long while, I promise! I’ve made an extra effort to contribute to other people looking for feedback for their projects, so I hope that’s okay.

Initial impressions: this looks official, corporate, and “by-the-book”. The content (crossword puzzle) + design (neatly organized with large wording) gives me the message that this is a product for older people. The image of the nativity explain the “Christmas” theme, and the zoomed-in crossword clearly tells me what this book is all about. The “Large Print” makes me think, once again, that this is for older people.

If all of that is what you were going for, then honestly, I’m having a hard time coming up with feedback. I think the red color scheme is better than the blue, mostly because the “Large Print” text is easier to read on the red.

My only thought would be to mess around some more with the color scheme, because I really think Christmas stuff that takes the blue/white direction rather than the red/green is a little more interesting and unexpected. You could try out different flourishes (like the ornaments)?

Truthfully, this seems like a winner to me. If the target audience is who I thought it was, and this had been something I’d created, I would be confident showing this to the client for review (referring to Cover 1A).

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@grady00 Thanks! It is aimed at an older audience which is why I was making it clean. But at the same time, I want to add an element of fun to it, so it looks a bit less corporate.

I’ve tried reworking the designs to make them more fun and Christmassy.

Cover 2A Click to make bigger

Cover 2B Click to make bigger

I did also try adding some Christmas Backgrounds, but I think that makes them too busy:

Cover 2C Click to make bigger

Cover 2D Click to make bigger

At this stage, I am not sure if the nativity figures have potential, or if I should just drop them at start from scratch.

I would love any opinions. Thanks!

I’m a huge fan of the reworked “Christmas” test in Cover 2A! I think the nativity figures work very well.

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