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This is the second post I’ve made on here and the feedback I received on the first post was extremely helpful. I’ve been working on a logo and a 3D animation for a musician. His work feels like a combination of 80’s style beats and modern hip-hop. To convey this style through a Logo I went with a cross between retro-wave and street. The Word “Tyzen” would either be black or white, but the word “World” is changeable depending on the album or the merch. I’ve not showed him the final yet as I’d like to get any last critiques on here before I get any minor amendments from him.

Be as harsh as you like, the product needs to be at its best and I enjoy the learning curve.

I’m loving the 80’s synth-wave theme you’re going for (I’m actually a huge fan of New Retro Wave music), I think the word Tyzen in the painted style looks really nice too and the pink and white are working well.

However I think the typeface and lighting for the word “world” feels a bit off.

I think the lighting of the word “world” feels weird because the background is also neon, and the typeface is hard to read (it reads to me on first glance “Warld”).

I think you could explore making the word “World” in the same typeface and style as “Tyzen.” Or something else that compliments it - I would have a look at existing retro synth wave designs and see if you can find something that works (maybe chrome?):

Let me know if you think this was helpful! :call_me_hand: :beers:

I think the problem with the neon is the outer glow. That is going to cause production problems on any screen printed merch too (though yes, there is a lot of direct printing out there now, but not really high volume yet.) Definitely won’t work on anything embroidered.

It also doesn’t interact well with the solid white lettering.

Maybe try to come up with a solution that doesn’t involve the glow. There are ways to create a vector friendly neon look. (a lot of fonts make me laugh though because they have no concept of how tube bend-backs work)

What an outstanding Logo.

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