Combination Mark vs Emblem Logo

Hey Everyone,
I’m a little confused about the difference between combination marks, and emblems,
They are both images combined with Text…Emblems are typically more detailed, and historic looking…but I have seen them get simplified and minimalized to the point there is substantial overlap…

Other than the style…is there any solid criteria one would use to distinguish them?
Would it be safe to say that if you apply a solid colored filter to it, and you can no longer make out the details, it’s an emblem…but if if you can it’s a combination mark?

There’s a need to be so particular? A logo is a logo. Whether it’s a shield, badge, wordmark or any combination thereof.
The definition of “emblem” that I get from Merriam Webster is pretty much the definition of a logo:

  1. an object or the figure of an object symbolizing and suggesting another object or an idea

No. There’s no need to try to categorize things when the continuum between them is a blur. For example, there are black dogs and brown dogs, but as the fur on a brown dog gets darker, at some point, it becomes a black dog. It’s not important to pin down the exact place in the continuum that this change occurs. It’s totally arbitrary and doesn’t matter. Many words that describe things are just rough references — they’re not rigid categories with defined and agreed-upon boundaries.

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