Completely new :))

Hey, there! I got the chance to lurk for oh, about a week or two before I noticed the closing sign on the other forum. Anyway, I’m Tabatha, or Tabi, whichever. I’m a former graphic designer (are you ever not after you are?) and I’m getting back into it. I’m from Louisiana, in the US and I’m trying to get more involved in the art and design community. I’ve been an island for too long.
Let’s be friends!


Hiya Tabi!! Welcome Aboard

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Let’s! Welcome.

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Sounds good to me. Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome to the madness.

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Bienvenue from south Louisiana!


Welcome to GDF. Good peeps here!

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Nice. Where in South LA? It’s rare to find someone so close so fast on a forum!


Ohh, not too far. I’m in Saint Amant. A bit south of Baton Rouge.

I know where Saint Amant is! I’m from New Orleans and go back a lot to see my family and do fun stuff. I stop for coffee in Sorrento sometimes at the little Cajun village.

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