Could you give me feedback for our new website

Have you ever found it difficult to save and then get back all the design inspiration and articles you come across while browsing the internet? A million tabs open to “read later”? Missing out on important details because you don’t have a quick and easy way to capture them as they come up in your daily workflow?

Well, I’ve made an AI quick capture bot on Telegram that will help you organize your favorite content. We’d love to hear your thoughts on our website called

Thanks a lot in advance

There is something wrong with time management if you have “a million tabs open to read later.”
Saving inspirational sources is something that a program like Pinterest can do easily enough, if you really need that kind of thing in this day and age. Every project is unique and requires research and inspiration as it goes. Seeing something and saving it against the day some future project needs it is just a waste of billable time. Even worse is saving something that is inspiration in a ‘this is what I should have done on that last project’ kind of thing. What’s done is done. Time to move on.

A while back I ran across one of my old photo morgues. It was a physical bunch of photos in a box taken in the days where you had to pay to develop your roll of 35mm film. All were taken as illustrative resources, especially hands, humans and all kinds of animals and things showing foreshortening angles. But then came the book references. And now? Just about anything you could ever need is online whenever you need it. I’m not talking about tracing imagery. I’m just talking about a specific hand motion or learning to see how a horse’s musculature overlaps as it’s running at an oblique angle rather than flat-side-too. I haven’t thrown away those old resources, especially the books. I don’t use them as much in the moment. But…the internet may go down when I have a deadline to meet, soooooooo… :slight_smile:

Don’t know anyone that works like that.

Saving resources like the OP described? Yeah, me neither.