Could you please criticize this web banner?

I’m working on this web banner, but I’m not satisfied with the looks of it. Could you please criticize it? I’m also thinking of remaking it into a new style, let me know what style I should change it into please.

What is a Robux and why does it require you to say “100% legitimate”?

Robux is in-game currency on this online platform. I am putting this on a third-party game site, so they will know what I’m talking about. I said 100% legitimate so people wouldn’t think that its a scam. Thanks for the reply! Any suggestions on style?

So you’re thinking that scammers would never think to say they’re 100% legitimate? Personally, I think adding those words accomplishes the opposite of what you intend — they make it sound like a scam.

If you say the people seeing the ad will know what it means, that’s great. Otherwise, no one will have a clue as to what your ad is about. I sure don’t know what it’s about.

Honestly, it’s a competent-looking ad, but it’s a bit dull and boring. It’s the kind of ad that’s too easily ignored, which is what you don’t want to happen. People just tune out banner ads as though they’re not even there. To help mitigate this problem, the ad needs to be very relevant to the target audience, visually aggressive and interesting. I’m not quite sure yours fits that description.

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I appreciate the criticism. How would I make this more visually eye-catching and appealing? I’m not too creative, as I’m a beginner with graphics.

If an animated ad is an option, I’d likely do that. Movement attracts attention. Instead of white for a background, you might choose a bright yellow or red or something else that makes it more easily seen and separated from the most common web backgrounds, which are white.

I don’t know anything about what you’re advertising, though, so I can’t give you specifics on content. However, I’d be inclined to make it a little more urgent and meaningful. Simply listing something as being available, is not an especially good tactic for selling. The “Join Now” button is a good call to action, but there’s no clear reason why people should join now, later or never. I think you might consider adding that reason —whatever it might be — to the ad.

Thanks for the information! What color scheme should I go with? I tried this, but it is too vibrant. By the way, this website is where anybody could earn free in-game currency by downloading apps, completing surveys, or watching videos.

By downloading apps, completing surveys, or watching videos.

Aren’t OVER and + the same?

Just noticed that, thanks.

You should say that in the banner. As it currently reads, I’m also wondering how I earn the robux.
Your message seems quite choppy with the slashes/dividers… I would try to make it more cohesive.
At the very least google “banner ads” to get some inspiration. I think you can definitely make this better.

I appreciate your helpful opinion. I’m almost finished working on a remake!

What do you think of this?


Well you are improving I think… it’s a bit more cohesive over the previous one, but again you’ve slashed the ad space in half with you’re wave. Maximize your banner space for a strong message (especially important with a small banner). What if you highlighted the benefit to the reader to be the most prominent information then the “rbx market” as the secondary info…? Think about what would make you stop and read it. The message should be so interesting/exciting/curious that you would want to click on the join now… that said, is “join now” the best call to action? Would you join something you knew little to nothing about?

Thank you! You’ve been really helpful

It would be much appreciated if you could please criticize this web banner! :grinning:


Please do not start multiple topics for the same thing :slight_smile:

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Also … a bigger image would be helpful - I can’t read what that says.

In my opinion this is much better overall, although I feel all text is at the same level and can’t see much hierarchy. I would say you should prioritise whether you want the logo to stand out or the benefits – right now neither of them are prominent. Also, I am not sure about the grey dividers as they don’t work well with the gradient. I really like the CTA.

Sorry, I won’t do it next time. I didn’t know. Thank you for the suggestion also!

Thank you! Are you referring to the newest remake I made?


Sorry I was referring to the old one – haven’t seen this. This is much much better! Only things here I would format the text slightly better (smaller with more space between the lines) and perhaps enlarge the illustration on the left hand side to be more prominent, even if some bits go outside the canvas :slight_smile:

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