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In the previous forum we had a great thread for people to post their non-graphic design craftiness. It was amazing to see so many designers who leave work each day, go home and continue to be super creative in other ways. Hopefully this thread will be just as popular. I think “crafting” covers a lot of activities, so if you do something creative (and safe-for-work please), we want to see! Tell us what kinds of crafts you enjoy and be sure to share photos! This is not a place to advertise your business, just to share whatever you do in your free time. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been a professional graphic designer for over twenty years, but still love to come home and create. I’ve been sewing for about four years now and love it. I’ve made so much, I started an Etsy store just to try and get rid of it and make a little extra. I used to make soap, but once I read up on the FDA rules I decided to only make it for friends and family. Anyway, here are some of the things I make.

Mug rugs/Snack mats


Tote bags

Table runners

Can’t wait to see what everyone else does! :nerd_face:


Gorgeous stuff Kitch! I love seeing your creations :heart:

That’s too bad about the soaps though :frowning: They were beauties as well. But, I can certainly understand.

Thank you for starting this. I’ll get some pics up of soon :heart:

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Hoo boy, Kitchwitch, you may be sorry you asked…! :smiley:

I’m also a polymer clay artist, and make some cabochon jewelry with my photography and watercolor. (Building toward an Etsy shop.)

I also teach polymer clay classes at assisted living facilities, to the residents. :slight_smile:




I love that table runner!

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Those are awesome Doc! Nice work :slight_smile:

I do various and sundry types of crafting. I will post a little here and there :wink:

I’m currently working on a baby quilt for my newest Grand Nephew due in May. I need to do some finishing touches and I’ll post it.

In the mean time here are some rocks I painted for Christmas. Painting dot mandalas is very relaxing to me :slight_smile: I’m going to be working on a canvas of them soon :slight_smile:


OMG, those are lovely! That looks so intricate, it must take hours. How do you get the circles so… circular? Do you use an airbrush?

@DocPixel Thank you :heart::heart: … and no. I use dowels and nail stylus’ :slight_smile:

I have all my dowels numbered so it’s easier to work up or down. The stylus is guess and by gosh other than the honed point. They are all just fractions off and I can’t tell one from the other for the most part. I make a lot of test dots :smiley:

Dowels? Wow… I’ve never heard of that.

I love the yellow/red gradient one. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!! :slight_smile: That one in particular isn’t done in this photo. It still needed top dots and sealer for shine and dimension. But, that one turned out to be the mans fav too and I couldn’t give it away … he asked for it for his desk … too sweet right? :smiley:

They are so much fun to do. I got inspired on YouTube from Traveling Kindness Rocks and Kristin Uhrig. They are great teachers. Look them up if you are ever in the mood to dot :wink:

I will be attempting a canvas as soon as I get done with Baby Boy stuffs :smiley:

Oh and btw … TKR sells a lot of “equipment” to dot … I’m either too cheap or too poor … so I made my own lol :smiley: I’ve also used some of the mans transfer punch set since they have a ton of sizes :slight_smile:

Well, I’m still learning polymer clay and watercolor…

So I’ll just have to admire yours from afar. Really cool though!

I do like the pretty pink styluses too.

Thanks Doc :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to see more of your creations :slight_smile:

I love Watercolor … but have always been a bit too intimidated to attempt it.

Almost forgot, I started wood turning last year. I’ve still got a LOT to learn, but I love it. I made these for my gardener brother-in-law. They’re called dibblers and can be used to make holes for seeds or bulbs or drag seed trenches. The marks on one are at one inch intervals so you can get spacing exact.


You are really progressing with the wood turning! Wow! They are terrific!

I didn’t know these were Dibblers … I just learned about Spurtles and thought they were what you were creating

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A lot of those things are very similar, just vary in size. I think a spurtle is more of a stirring tool? There’s also one called a priest.

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Watercolor definitely has a mind of its own. You try to control it and it shows you who’s boss. :stuck_out_tongue:

Where do you get the stones?

For most of my life, my “crafty” side has manifest itself as a love of anything miniature. Scale model building, model railroading, and even doll-housing have all been keen interests at one time or another. Along with real-life demands, my aging eyes and hands have nudged me away from it in more recent times, so there aren’t a lot of at-the-ready images to show. One project I can show is an example of graphic design “crossover”. This was actually client work; an executive retirement gift in the form of a die-cast model truck with aftermarket details added and custom graphics that I designed, printed, and applied…


Since I can’t get around too great anymore, I ordered them off Amazon LOL … they really do have everything. When the FedEx guy delivered them he brought them right in because they were so heavy … he said Wow… feels like a box of rocks. I said … funny you should say that. :smiley: :smiley: He got quite a kick out of it that I had ordered a box of rocks :smiley:

Since then family and friends save me a nice rock here and there should they come across one :slight_smile:

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@HotButton That’s Amazing!!! I love miniatures as well. What a beautiful truck! :heart:

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