Crafter Thread!

Looks like the technique is more of a paint transfer - move a drop from container to stone - rather than brush strokes. Correct?

WOW. I love the truck and its graphics.

Yep … it’s just grabbing a tool full of paint and making a dot. Some I’ve seen do use brushes they have curved to still get that dot result. I have NO luck with brushes at all. I need to just dip and dot and that seems to work just fine for me … as long as I don’t get too heavy handed :wink: I’ve had to remove and correct the odd dot here and there from doing that.

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Awesome, thanks! I definitely need to try this.

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I do this:


I love your stuff, so amazing!

Love it Cosmo! :slight_smile:

I just saw (online) someone who dot paints stones with pencil erasers. She puts the eraser end in a pencil sharpener to get different dot sizes. :open_mouth:

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Yep, I’ve seen that too. Lots of creative ways to dot :slight_smile:

Here is the baby quilt for the new Grand Nephew due next month :heart:

I am having a hard time getting true colors to show or all of it… there is so much white that it’s bouncing and reflecting lol … if I turn of the flash it’s too dark. And it’s too big to get all in frame. I think you get the idea though :wink: It’s light teals and grays :slight_smile:




Love it!

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Thank you!! :slight_smile:

Wow, purty. Lucky baby!

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Thanks Doc :slight_smile:

Can’t post on FB … but itching to show them. First time I’ve ever attempted crocheting baby booties. I saw this sneaker design on YouTube and thought …hmm … I wonder if I can … so I did! Yay! They didn’t turn out too bad for a first timer :smiley:

I was so excited making them I never stopped LOL … I stayed up all night the other night crocheting from start to finish. So, with food, drink and pee breaks, they took approximately 10 hours to make. Mind you I had a few tantrums and ripped out stitches and do overs :smiley:



Wow, those are so awesome Miss Kittie! You did a great job! What a lucky kiddo!

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Thanks Pan and Doc :heart::heart:

All I have left to finish is the Baby Book I’m making … I have a week left … eeek! lol :smiley:

I’ll post pics of that too when I get it finished. I was waiting on my paper and it finally came today :slight_smile:

Those booties are adorable and impeccably executed. I’m so impressed!

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Awww … thanks HotButton :heart::heart: :slight_smile:

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