Creating a custom dieline

I’m looking for recs on dieline websites people have used or could steer me clear of. I’m making an automatic closing package for an otter pop derivative that will be cannabis infused. Making a dieline by hand isn’t beyond me but there’s several spots in my reference package that have me a bit confused and since it’s my first package dieline creation my anxiety about getting it correct is stressing me out.

Every printing place is going to be different.
They’ll have different machines, different methods, different tollerances.

Your first step is to contact printing companies first, they most likely have a pre-existing dieline that you can use. Or the will work with you for the packaging.

For example, you don’t know if you need a double wall for strength, or a roll in side that acts as extra packing to keep the product safe.

Companies that deal with packaging daily will work with you to design the packaging - not just the outside of it and how it looks - but how it acts.

We had to build a packaging box for a product where the box was way too big for the product, but the customer wanted extra shelf presence - so a larger box - so we to build into the inner box an insert that rolled in from the packaging when flat to hold the bottle in place.

There are many considerations and working with a packaging printer in your area to develop the box and how it operates, it’s inner functions and premimum or non-premium feels about it.

Does it need Tamper Evident seals, is that a sticker, or a perforation, or does it need varnish free panel for prefixes (maybe Expiry Date and Manufacturing Date for traceability), does it need any special requirements, aqueous coats, embossing, or other features.

At the moment you probably could concentrate on the design knowing the basic dimensions for all 6 sides.

But I’d consult with a packaging manufacturer in your area, see what they can do, if they have anything is suitable that you don’t need to create from scratch.

Or maybe you will create from scratch but their knowledge of packaging will be invaluable to you.


I agree with @Smurf2. Reach out to whoever is going to be doing the production work on this for the dieline.


Thanks for the excellent advice and info! That addresses everything I needed to know.

My suggestion is to think about the branding and identity design and strategy or create the logo design first and everything else will follow.

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