Creative story design

Hi I’m Niko, I work for this company, “Owtcome”, that gave me the opportunity to work with people and bring new ideas using my creativity in solving problems about expressing.
The thing is that they want to make this tool official, Creative Story Design, in which I bring the visuals and they procure the branding consulting and stuff.
I want to know form the true designers if my approach is good.
Here is presentation of the work I planned:

If you have any thoughts let me know, I would appreciate that.

I’m not quite sure what you’re asking or what this company does.

Are you working for a branding agency that helps create or bring to attention background personalities and stories for their clients? If not, what do they do?

What is your role? Did you develop the concepts you’re showing us, or did you only provide the illustrations for those concepts? Are you asking if the concepts behind the illustrations are good or whether the illustrations themselves help communicate the concepts?

Perhaps there’s a slight language barrier problem. What do you mean by, “…solving problems about expressing”? What does “…procure the branding and consulting stuff” mean?

What you’ve shown is far enough out of the ordinary that I’m, and I suspect others here, are a little confused.

So we are an outcome based consulting company or an “accelerator”
We help other companies that are struggling with brand identity, but also provide solutions for problems like team management (that should the main thing).
My role is this tool of creative story design, in which I create these stories to explain abstract terms for the teams.
What I have to do is to conclude things in a more elaborate way the means of the problem.
My role is to make sure that the customers understand the stuff that we solved.
This is a very general way of understanding the “how it works at the company”, because we work with people (teams) of the company and not with their product (like an improve yourself to see why things go bad now)