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Gumball2 is a web series pitch for Cartoon Network (Yes, it is a spin-off to TAWOG.)

There is something intriguing about the simplicity of this design, but I still wouldn’t be interested enough to pick it up. Probably I don’t get it because I don’t know the subject…

Yeah, it’s a reasonably interesting treatment that would stand out among all the DVD’s with “movie poster” frontsides, but I think it needs more refinement.

The superscript 2 is too large for sure, and unless the colors are somehow significant to already-established branding for the venture, it would be easy to come up with a better combination. A colorblind person might see that as only weirdly fat, gray type. Colors aside, I’d also be tempted to continue experimenting with the position and reveal of the rear copy of gumball2, particularly the ‘g’ and the ‘2’, which currently exhibit some imbalance due to their shapes.

Though eye-catching, it looks more like a first draft rather than the final version of the design. You could perhaps experiment a bit more with the colours, fonts and placement to see what other options it throws up.

tbh it’s probs a few years before G2 comes out.

I didn’t know what TAWOG was so I looked it up and also looked at the original TAWOG logo.

Your logo lacks the fun, 8 bit look of the original. It’s much more serious and the font choice isn’t great for the genre.

If you said the brief was to step away from the playful, retro branding, I would say you succeeded. But if your intention was to continue with the brand, then it’s a fail.

TBH it is to be alot more serious and dark of a TV Show.

This doesn’t exactly scream Gumball to me. But I don’t know anything about a Gumball 2. I can’t imagine it being serious and dark. Seems like that would make it a completely different show? Is there already a Season 1?
I can’t really figure out why, but this reminds me of the cover of Jackass Number Two. Similar font, I guess?

  1. The font is Montserrat. (The kerning, font thiccness, and style remind me of the Dark logo from Netflix)
  2. Coild you show me that so I can look for the resemblance?
  3. No, there isn’t a season 1 out.
  4. yeah, it kinda does, just any other universe seems weird to use now.

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