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Good morning, I’m stuck after redrawing this about a dozen times and was hoping you guys could nudge me in the right direction.

I’m creating a logotype graphic for a friends boat and am not happy with it. Something just feels off about it but I’m not sure what? Which glyphs need to be redrawn?

Also, should I miter the corners or at least the sharp points? I tried rounding them but I did not like it.


Was thinking about possibly making these 2 characters (A-P) flow a little better…

Are there any typefaces you can recommend that I can glean some info from? In particular any that look remotely similar to this graphic?

I think I’m on the right track but I think it needs finesse but I’m not exactly sure where. I feel like it needs to maybe be simplified even more. It looks unprofessional in its current state.

I see what you’re going for, but I agree with your assessment that it looks unprofessional. I would suggest that you work up a few different concepts and try to simplify the type a bit.

Thanks @Steve_O! Simplified the type and put a more natural lean/tilt on it. Right direction or wrong? Not thrilled with the “F” and the 2 “R’s” now. Probably need to re-draw. Not happy with the x-height.

I think the “A” looks a lot better.

Here’s my original sketch…

Are there any standard practices or guidelines for names on boats? Coast Guard requirements, that kind of thing?

@DocPixel Yes there are. This will be in addition to the required license numbers.

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Doc, As long as the numbers are in the right place and there is a registration sticker, just about anything goes as far as the name goes. It’s not like a license plate. You can use suggestive wording or slang in your boat name.
The thing with boat names though, they are usually done in a “style” I would compare to retro hot rod. Lots of multiple outlines with drop shadows and the look of “speed.”
Something like these (these guys do rad wraps too):

HickWorks, your original sketch actually has a lot more going for it than your machine iteration. Something got lost in the translation. In the sketch, the letters relate to each other in a rather nice way. You sort of drifted from that when going to vector.

I don’t get out much! :smiley:

Yes, the “shoulder proximities” in the sketch are much nicer.

Totes! Yeah I see exactly what you are talking about. Also, the latest iteration lacks implied movement as well. I will keep at it and repost in a bit. Thanks for the help!

Another iteration. I think I’m going to redraw it verbatim to the sketch instead of trying to take a more structured approach.

Here it is trying to get really close to the drawing…

The IN, RE and AP are too close to each other. In other words, better kerning is needed. You might need to adjust the shape of some of the letters to get a better fit with the adjacent letters. A small amount of curve on each letter along the cap height and base lines, as it seems you did on a previous version, looked — at least to me — a bit more consistent with curviness of the vertical strokes.

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