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Hey! Made this bookmark a little while back for my dad. Is it missing something? Too much? Please let me know what you think!

If the job of the bookmark is to hold the page, it gets the job done.

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Ha Ha! That’s true. But if it was going to be in shops or something, (which it’s not!), would there be something i should add to it, or take away from it?

It would depend on the competition and the price. If the price was free and there was no competition, the bookmarks would fly off the shelf. But there would be no guarantee that the bookmarks claimed would ever get used as bookmarks.

Yeah, true… Thanks for your opinion though:grin:

A better question is “how much would you pay for this bookmark?”

Graphic design is more than decoration. It’s about communication objectives and problem solving. The problems need to be well-defined in order for you to know if they’ve been solved.

That makes sense.

Okay, here’s a question, Ella. What is the look and feel you want the bookmark to have? What’s the message it should send?

Warm and fuzzy? Love our dads?

Disciplinarian dad?

Harsh and stormy Dad?

Dads and books? Dads who love to read?

Happy Father’s Day 2018?

If you can define that message, then the images, colors, text, and fonts start falling into place.

OK. Sort of like ‘tough dad who likes to read books’

Okay, good. Can you define “tough?”

Tough = The GDF Crit Pit

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Dude, you crack me up! :rofl:

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I’m not sure too many people would actually pay for bookmarks since most any free piece of paper works just as well.

Anyway, if you made it for your dad, I think he’ll love it for the simple reason that you made it. As far as the way it looks is concerned, I think it’s pretty good. :grinning:


Thanks! Yeah I still need to print it off for him.

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