Critique logo please :)

Hey Guys,
i have this logo i want to present to my client… i have created 4 concepts, but now that this is the fourth, im not sure which one to present… the top logo with the icon attached, or the bottom where the icon is a stand alone… should i present them both and let them decide? personally i like the top so that the icon flows with the text and that way they wont ever be separated

let me know what you guys think :slight_smile:

I liked the ones you posted a few days ago. I can’t say the same about these two.

I’m guessing the squiggle of lines is still meant to resemble a house, but if I didn’t know that already, I never would have guessed it. Sorry.

The typography is interesting, but a bit less than perfectly legible.

Before I even read your post, I read the logos. The first one reads as “Dhaustracon” or “Haustracon”. The logo appears to be a stylized letter.

In the second version, I can more clearly read the name. This being said, I’d reconsider the treatment of the lowercase A. The truncated letter makes it difficult to read.

The first one is indeed a little unclear. I like the second one. I didn’t read your textmessage before seeing the logo and I saw a house immediately on first sight in it without even thinking about it. Which surprises me a little now, because it’s not that obvious to be a house when you think of it. From the reaction of @Just-B I later understand it should indeed mean a house. I didn’t see your earlier versions, but I’d say great work! It fits greatly together.

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