Critique My Agency!

We’ve had our web design agency running for 6 years now, and we just had a major revamp this past March. Always open to hear suggestions, ideas, opinions, etc.

All feedback is appreciated: duplicate link removed

Overall, I think you have a nice looking site. My only critiques would be twofold. First, I tend to read your logo as “ragDeal.” The okay sign does not immediately read as a “b.” I’d consider using the okay sign as your symbol and typesetting a B. My second comment is that there is an awful lot of animation / things sliding into place. Too much for my taste. That said, you certainly have more web experience than I do, so, perhaps you have research that indicates this amount of animation is a good thing. I just think it’s a little over the top. But, like I said, it’s a nice looking site.

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Did you design this? First you said “my” then you said “we”.

Since both links are the same I removed the second … otherwise it could appear you were spamming us :wink:

This isn’t so much a criticism of your site as it is about the current state of websites in general (of which, yours fits the pattern).

Honestly, I’m just totally bored with WordPress sites consisting of a series of stacked up modules. It’s as though every website is a slightly modified copy of all the others. I know it’s an easy, cost-effective and straight-forward way to build sites, but to me, a creative entity’s own website ought to display a bit more creativity and originality.