Critique my candle labels

I need a second opinion on the overall layout and type treatment. Can someone please input? The illustration is just a placeholder for where the real one would go. Open to new suggestions too. Thanks!

Why you’re just down the road a piece :wink:

I think it looks good. Easy to read … that’s always a plus :wink:

Is the illustration going to represent the scent or is it going to be more of a company emblem type thing?

I prefer the second version as it’s nice and clean … but the box around the company doesn’t totally bother me either :wink:


They both appear effective with what they are going to be doing. I almost would say make the “Hand poured in Troy, NY” smaller or maybe tighten up some of the leading.

Those are my thoughts as it stands this is well done.

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I agree, just a little distinction of hierarchy between the scent and that and I think it’s there.

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