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I designed a logo for a Mexican restaurant it is not you’re typical Mexican restaurant it is a lot healthier then most. So, that’s where I was going with this. If you can give me some feedback that would be greatly appreciated.

the idea is good, BUT the logo images are thin and has too much white space.
does Mexico have those palm tree?
if so the leaves are not true and flopped on.
the yellow rings would be lost during the printing process.
the text should be bigger and dominate
if you could add a taco or something Mexican graphic wise under the trees the logo would be true to the shop.

I believe Cabos does, but very little trees if you can give me some tips on how to present it better that would be great.

Mexico does have palm trees, but they are more up-right

What are you selling?

I wanted to do something different, and design a logo for a Mexican restaurant that is healthy and that’s not your traditional Mexican restaurant. What makes it different from all the other restaurants is that “they(they’re fake clients)” grilled their food. Cabos is known for sunshine, and beaches.

Right. Cool. the point I’m making is that your design has overwhelmed the client’s business. The name of the restraint is just wayyyy too small. It needs to be like a logo: “boom” “Bills’ Place”… (or whatever).

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Too many colors, too many concepts, nothing memorable.

Lose the gradients.

The name of the business is the smallest thing in the design—not good strategy.

The typography isn’t . . . typography.

Get a pencil and paper. Sketch 50 different ideas, with ONE core concept per sketch.

Toss out the weakest 40.

Toss out the weakest 5.

Pick the strongest 2 and redraw them. Refine further.

By that time, a worthwhile direction should emerge.


I’m sorry. I’m not trying to be overly harsh or be a hater or whatever the young kids are saying these days, but this is not up to speed at all. You need to scrap this and start over. HotButton gave you good advice on steps to take in logo development. Follow those steps – they’re important. If you really want to try and develop this into something, post your 50 sketches for review.


Thanks for the feed-back I don’t know much about typography because design classes only discussed briefly, ( at a community college, which is the reason why) so I kind of knew my typography skills were lacking. But, thank you again for the feed-back I will take that into consideration the next time. I plan on redoing this logo, but I wanted to get feedback first.

Oh, no you weren’t being harsh at all, and actually I appreciate the feed-back. I plan on re-doing it, but I wanted to get someone else’s feed-back to come up with stronger ones because that’s my mine issue is coming up with stronger concepts.

Ok, will do but, be warned my drawing skills are not that great yet.

When researching the industry, I also have trouble what to research.

Typography is an integral part of graphic design. You should consider switching school.

It’s like maths is only briefly touched on when studying to be an accountant.

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yeah, it is my last year in community college, and I plan on transferring that’s why I said they only touched typography briefly.

logo sketches are just that. Sketches. Don’t try to fine tune them into artistic masterpieces. You don’t need to draw well, per se, in order to sketch out concepts and ideas. The whole process of sketching allows you to quickly test ideas and approaches, without trying to “force” an idea on the computer. Don’t worry about the sketches being polished.

Here is an example of quick sketches (see first image) and then the refinement. This site also shows that in most cases the sketches are pretty rough and simple.


Thank you all for the feed-back on this logo. After reading all of your replies I do agree that this logo is a bit over-whelming, and there’s too many colors. I will re-do the entire logo including the name, and practice drawing sketches of ideas and I will show you before I start doing them.

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ok, thanks for the advice.

I was told in my freshman drawing class i was going to fail if i did not learn how to draw.
im still getting negative feedback and suggestions to quit drawing
keep going

just design a simple graphic
start with the most important aspect, grilled food
design a grill
then add a chicken
and other motifs
then add the text large on the bottom.


I want to get better because eventually I want draw illustrations

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