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Hello fellow designers :slight_smile:

I’ve been working freelance for the better part of a decade but found a job that I actually want to apply for. It sounds like it would be challenging and fulfilling and I’ve spent a lot of time this week compiling projects into a portfolio so I can apply for it. Care to check it out and give me some feedback? Here’s the LINK

I chose projects that run the gamut of my design career. That being said, some of them are kinda old now and show the dates on them. Bad thing?

You’ve got some crazy art skills, I am very impressed! There are a couple things on your website I would recommend fixing to increase the overall professionalism and match your skill quality:

-I understand your dates concern, but the purpose of your portfolio is to show your best work, so I feel dates aren’t very important, in my personal opinion - if someone else thinks otherwise, please comment.

-The homepage has 2 random dots on the right, which detract from the clean look it seems you are trying to go for (doesn’t seem like there’s a purpose to them unless you click on them to find out). Are they necessary? If so, I recommend labeling them.

-The first piece has a similar background color to your background, so it looks shorter than the others at first glance.

-I really like the top where your name is and the words that describe your skills, but I am one to get hung up on grammar, so having a adjective with two nouns throws me off. This is probably a personal preference that really stands out to me since I’ve taught English for many years, but I feel like it would make more sense to say “Illustration.Graphics.Design” as those all seem to fit in a category as well as fit you as a designer.

-I am not keen on the circles. For starters, the ‘work’ covers part of your display and looks odd to me in the overall balance. Everything else in your website is pretty 4-sided, so the circles don’t tie in well.

  • Lastly, is there a reason you have a different description at the top than you have for the bottom?

Well, these are all my personal opinions as a designer. Take it or leave it, it’s up to you. Keep up your good work!

Lots of people in this field use creative as a noun, which always strike a sour note with me. It’s become quite common, though.

Designers aren’t known for their writing, but you might want to have someone read through your bio. It contains several punctuation and grammar problems in addition to some unusual ways of phrasing things.

If it were me, I’d remove the fabric pattern in the background. It draws attention to itself. At least I spent a few seconds wondering what it was."

On your Halloween Festival page, the description of the festival runs right over one of the pieces you’re showing, which not only interferes with the work, it makes the type difficult to read.

I don’t think it’s bad to show older work, as long as it doesn’t look terribly outdated. Of course, that opinion might not be held by the person interviewing you for a job.

I agree, but I wouldn’t include the actual dates; just the work.

The dates I think he’s mentioning are all included in the designs themselves, so removing those dates would be altering the actual artwork. Although I don’t think this is necessarily dishonest, I wouldn’t be inclined to do it here because all the dates I noticed are within the past decade, which his hardly old work. If anything, those dates provide evidence of experience.

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Good point, B, if the dates are in the design, then yes, they need to stay. sheepish grin

You’d need to start your own discussion. This one is about someone else’s work. :wink:

Agreed. I created a separate thread for it.

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