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I recently redid my website and the way i presented my work. I personally see it as the best way I have presented my work, but would would appreciate the comments/suggestions good or bad! Thanks so much.


Clean, simple, easy to navigate, shows off your work. Overall, it’s nice. A few nit picks. First paragraph on the Transform page is missing a period. I’d rather see client work plugged in the fifth slot than pitch decks. On the about page, you present the site as your personal work, but on the contact page, it’s “contact us.” Pick a voice and stick with it. The about copy could be rewritten. Use this as an opportunity to sell yourself rather than tell us about your hobbies.

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Ahh simple fixes. And no brainers haha Thanks for that Steve_O! Appreciate it

Alex, the site looks great. I suggest you review the copy to better support the storytelling of your work. I love how simple Susan Greene’s portfolio does it. She’s a copywriter, so she obviously has an advantage, but she does a great job in breaking down the copy into 4 parts on each project:

  • The challenge (The project brief and backstory)
  • The solution (Your concept and design decisions)
  • The result (Your finished project. Show additional photos or mock-ups.)
  • What the Client Said (A quote from the client about the project that shows they’re satisfied.)
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Thanks Micky Mouse! haha These are great suggestions, and will definitely check out that link to apply it to my own work as well. I vaguely remember my professor back in college suggesting we do something like that too. Only took me years to figure it out! lol

Hi, alexfrank41 your website is good looking but you have work more on header and footer of the website to make more good look feel and add some content and sections in home page it shows as simple with images. @LearnTheNew

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