Critique my Portfolio please!

I recently made this portfolio on wordpress dont have my own domain yet for my work but for what i am working with how do you think this is for an online portfolio I am looking to get freelance work with it and possibly a job if the oppurtunity arises

any suggestions?

tell me what you think im new here!


I didn’t get beyond your landing page after the first 2 typos.

Christian, can you give us some background on yourself in order to frame the critique? If you don’t mind sharing, it would be helpful to know how old you are (or some indication of your level of experience if you don’t want to share your age), your educational background, and a brief work history. Also, are you looking for a critique just of the website, just your work or both the website and your work?

lol thanks can you point them out I could have sworn everything was spell checked.

anyways do you think trying to make my landing page showcase work upfront instead of having words would help?

Hey Steve i am 24 years old and I studied graphic design at SVA in new york. I have done graphic design work for a few companies designing art cards, wall cards and postcards for fine art paintings displayed in galleries and building lobbies. And some other work like optimizing images for products.

I am looking for a critique on both the website and the work, is it too much or too little? I have been doing graphic design for my own projects since I was in middle school making stickers and stuff like that but I have no extensive professional experience working with an agency or anything.

Spell check won’t help you. The errors are more grammatical than mixed up letters.
And if YOU can’t find them, you’re not hire-able yet.

I think your work is better than your web design skills. A giant password box on the front page is a definite deal breaker. The website’s use of negative space and, well, general compositional principles, is pretty much absent. The typography is especially weak.

Many of the individual pieces, however, show ability that isn’t obvious in the website’s design. Where there’s a clear distinction between your fine art and graphic design work, things hang together better. In those areas where you’ve blended them, they contradict one another with the purpose of the design being muddied by personal expression and the fine art being compromised by commercial overtones.

I wish I could be more positive. I see potential, but a lack of both experience and focus.

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