Critique my watch logo please

We are a new online watch company and playing around with some ideas for a basic text logo that will go on the actual watch dial only. We are focusing on simplicity and minimalistic design so not going for anything fancy with images. Just a pure text logo.

Just wanted some feedback on if the 1st logo with the underline and overline actually looks attractive, or best to leave it without?

The company is Ashton & Co. and aimed at the age mark between 16-25 year olds (both men and women watches).

Any suggestions on perhaps other font styles that may standout more or garnish more attention is appreciated


Whats flagging me is your target age is 16-25 but your logo looks like its for 60+ seniors

Also your a company that sells basic watches and no-one wears watches anymore other than for style

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Yes, but style isnt just in the text on the dial. Style is the dial itself, the hands, the strap the colour, the casing.

Do you have some font recommendations?

Yes, but style isnt just in the text on the dial. Style is the dial itself, the hands, the strap the colour, the casing.

That is kinda my point. Your brand and your product should be cohesive. Just from the picture I can’t tell what your watch would look like in 3-dimensions but the moment I looked at it I thought: “This is a basic watch for old people.” Your logo says that, the use of roman numerals says that, the texture on the wrist bands says that, hell I’d say the shape of the hands say that too. But not here to comment on the watch design.

Your logo looks fine. Your a simplistic and minimalistic company, and you used a simplistic and minimalistic approach to your logo design. It completely matches your brand. The “O” are circular which matches a watch. I’d say the ones with the lines give it a bit more character and makes it stand out. Just saying it doesn’t match the age group your targeting.

Post the logo itself, without the watch.

Can you share with us the research you’ve done in choosing these fonts? Why are these best suited for your demographic? Is there some examples of these working really well with that demo?

They were similar in design to some of the other competitor companies in this space, and Futura font was clean, easy to read and spaced well.

Are the competitors all trying to reach the same demographic or do they advertise for a wider age range?

Same demographic - 20-30 year old. Simply clean design

Hi, do you have some font ideas/recommendations for the younger generation? Many thanks

Yeah, hire a graphic designer…

spot on mate

Today is the 18th. How can I tell by wearing your watch?

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Same way you already knew it was the 18th.

Well, if that’s the question, I’d answer:
Surely the lines are superfluous and add nothing of value. In fact, everything else aside, the over-line on Co. pretty much ruins the whole thing.

I think he’s pointing out that 18 will not fit in the space where the 5 is now.

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Why put it there then?

I’d definitely not go with the version with the lines.

Futura is a great typeface and it works quite nicely here, but I’d still tend to avoid it for the simple reason that it’s the obvious choice for something like this.

In other words, I’d likely choose a typeface with the same simple, clean, minimal, elegant look but with a little more character that set it apart from run-of-the-mill Futura.

I have a few reservations about the other typography too, but since you didn’t ask about that…

Appreciate the brutal honest feedback. The search goes on for new typeface.

That was just a random sample watch. It isn’t included in the final selections. All watches are free of Roman numerals and for the handful that offer a day reading all are double width. :ok_hand:

I like both versions almost equally. I like the font choice (Futura)? the overall image you have created with your choices will certainly work for your younger demographic. Many young people embrace watches that look much more “old” looking than this. Image 1380X1380 looks like the Bank Gothic Font and is a nice alternative to Futura. This is a clean and quite timeless design buddy. Nice job!

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