Critique on User Profile

My job is mainly focused around a lot of technical stuff and for a while I haven’t had an opportunity to be creative so I feel like I’m a bit rusty and a good critique is always a nice way to get myself back into gear.

This came from a design prompt I used from designercise. It’s a fun way to get the creative juices flowing. It gives you 15 minutes to create a design from a random generated prompt.

The prompt generated:


With that there was a lot of room for me to interpret. So I decided…

1 - It’s going to be a mobile app
2- If it’s a weather app for zookeepers, it needs to be displaying weather activity in relationship to the responsibilities of their occupation.
3 - Since it is a user profile, it needs to include an option for a profile picture and some “about me” information. But since its main function is not social media, it does not need to be a whole lot of information.

Since it is a mobile app, there also has to be navigation options that are easy to recognize, be able to have visible alert notifications, and be scrollable.

So I decided that the “newsfeed” would consist of weather activity. Based on the type of activity being anticipated, the activity itself would come with tags of what type of weather is on the way, and what potential hazards may come with it.

From there, to make it a functional app for more than weather viewing catered to zoo keepers, I thought precautions or “Prep Summary” (to prepare for the coming storm) would be a cool idea to offer (though I would hope a zoo would already have their own emergency action plans in place).

I also had to come up with a name - so I chose “Groundhog.” It’s an animal associated with predicting the weather so I thought it would make a good mascott/name for a weather app made for zoo keepers.

I used a mobile phone mockup from free pic made by svstudioart, and an image I found on google from apple insider, just so it can be seen where it would be used and not just as a simple rectangular shape.

graphic 2

It looks great and is nice and simple. However, a hurricane warning (or any actual weather information) doesn’t seem to belong in a user profile. To me, user profiles are relevant information about the users, not the content the users signed up to get.

thank you for your feedback!

And you make a good point. I’ll ponder on some solutions.

Can I just take a moment to say,
I really dislike the term ‘creative juices’
That is all.

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My creative juice is hop-based.


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To get Better look, Justify your Text, currently it is central align.

Justifying text in narrow columns produces noticeably uneven word spacing. I recommend against doing this.

Currently it is dummy content, Justify also depends on so how much content is applied to a particular block, if looks Goods, then go with it.

Thank you for your feedback!