Critiquing my Website

Hello, I’ve been trying to get a job as a graphic designer and can’t seem to find any luck. I wanted to know if you were an employer or just a regular customer looking for designs, tell me what would you think of my website and my graphic designs.

Your work is primarily illustration and not so much typical graphic design. It’s also very stylized and reflective of what I’m assuming are your personal tastes and preferences. Your work also seems to focus around a specific demographic.

If you apply for jobs at places that specifically need those things, I’m sure you’d be hired. However, most design jobs do not center around illustrative solutions that focus on specific demographics. Most design jobs are more corporate in nature and require lots of flexibility of the kind that are most appropriate for the job and clients at hand.

If you’re trying to build a career around your particular style or niche, that’s fine and I hope it works out for you. However, if you’re looking for a general graphic design job, your portfolio suggests that your work might be too tightly focused on a single approach.

Johnny, I have a choice between three options: ignore this post, give you a sugar coated review or tell you the honest truth even though it may sting a bit. I am going with option three. I’ll preface my statements with this: I’m not trying to be a jerk or overly harsh. My intent is to make you a better designer. All of that said . . .

Neither your work nor your website is up to par at this point. I see you have a two year degree and that you are working on a four year degree. Good for you. Keep at it. While you’re in school, I’d suggest that you not be too anxious about finding a full-time job as a designer. Hopefully, a time will come when you can get into an internship position; but, for now, concentrate on school and supplement with self-directed studies outside of school to push you along. Some things to work on:

  • Refining your vector illustration skills
  • Develop some traditional design projects (assuming that is a direction you want to go based on your services page)
  • Typography
  • Develop an eye for details (this is a critical skill)

Good luck.

Not enough examples.

You claim to be a developer however I clicked the Scroll Down to see text and nothing happened, I’d expect that to scroll and it’s a simple div id feature been available for years.

And I’m not even a developer.

Your work is nice - but too focussed on one thing.

That should be a category - with 5 or 6 samples.

And each tranche should have 5 or 6 samples of different types of work.

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