Crown study ... goth metal

So I’m doing branding for a goth metal band and as part of that there’s a call for a crown. Whilst doing some studies I came up with this one…

…absolutely amazing!!!

Wasn’t there another guy on the other forum that got banned after posting a crown a few years ago?

Yeah, but it took that other guy months just to draw one line!

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Ha, I remember MD stole his crown. And I even stole it and had it on my avatar for a while too. (I swore to MD that I had changed it by 10% and so my crown was different.) I think it was MD … I know RKK kept a lot of that old GDF stuff, maybe she has that floating around somewhere.

Nevertheless, surely that crown wasn’t

Interesting. I just found out that my work has blocked the INternet Wayback Machine. Odd.

I have to say I’m little a taken aback by this comment.

Theft is a crime. And to go on and shamelessly own it not once … but twice … strikes me as being totally repulsive.

And then, for the GDF moderators to condone such theft(s) … is very shameful stuff. Those same moderators aren’t around now … are they?

Good luck with that and good luck to your next victim(s) too.

Well … I think we are done here :slight_smile:

For those that haven’t gotten the joke … Grfk Dzgn is the same poster of the previous crown on the old GDF.

Back then It was a bit of a tongue and cheek jest at first and then took a nasty turn.

Both parties were suspended and then banned. One came back and swore to behave himself :wink:

I think we are done with the The Great Crown Controversy of GDF.

I’m going to assume that last reply is also in jest but with no smilies it’s hard to tell.

This is a new forum and a new outlook. While we still love to joke around or be silly a lot of the mean spirited snarkiness is gone. Even though it creeps in from time to time … it’s a much nicer place without it. :slight_smile:

Thank you and have a swell day! :slight_smile:

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