Daniel Carlmatz's Logo Design Challenge

Swedish designer Daniel Carlmatz challenged himself to design a typographic logo every single day for a year. He completed the challenge. Here are some of the better ideas. What do you think?

creative-typographic-logos-of-words-1_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-2_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-3_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-4_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-5_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-6_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-7_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-8_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-9_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-10_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-11_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-12_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-13_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-14_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-15_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-16_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-17_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-18_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-19_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-20_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-21_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-22_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-23_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-24_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-25_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-26_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-27_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-28_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-29_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-30_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-31_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-32_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-33_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-35_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-36_10 creative-typographic-logos-of-words-40_10


Three thoughts . . .

Great work.

How in the world did he have time to do this?

I can’t figure out the meaning of Drink. What’s there that I’m missing?

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I needed to study it for a minute too. At first I thought it might be a drinking fountain, but nope, the negative space forms a martini glass with an onion or olive or whatever it is that people put in them.


I love them all :slight_smile:

and I’m with Steve … how on earth did he accomplish this every single day???

I loveeee “Cook” :smiley:

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They’re all well done, but I wouldn’t consider any of them “logos”. They are more typographic illustrations of words, not logos. I know that’s nit-picky but designing a logo that is inline with a company and their brand is considerably different.

Once again, I enjoy them and some are very clever and well executed. But they’re not logos.

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Yes, I agree. They’re not typical logos. They’re clever, well-done and interesting, but the problem each of them solves is not the typical problem needing to be tackled when designing a logo.

The designer here, Daniel Carlmatz, had the liberty of choosing any word he wanted and doing whatever he felt like with it. I could be wrong, but I’m guessing that if a word didn’t work out, he just picked another word. When designing an actual logo, the problem isn’t nearly that flexible.

Even so, these examples are really clever and impressive for what they are.

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About halfway through I had to stop looking at them as logos. Too many production issues.
But as word illustrations, they are very clever.

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