Design Feedback for Training "Infographic"

Hi there. One of my clients asked me to create an “infographic” that shows their new customers what to expect after they sign a sales quote. The content revolves around timelines for training and onboarding. I know this isn’t actually an infographic-I’m not being asked to visualize compelling data or anything like that.

What I’m hoping to see here is some constructive feedback (and brutal, if it needs to be) on the visual design, and any advice if you feel that the organization is confusing or weird.

Training Document here

Important Details:
• Sasstech is a fake company, but the actual client builds SASS products (Software as a Service)
• The actual goal of this document is to educate new customers. New customers go through months of training, and need variation in how to consume training materials.
• Salespeople are often asked the question “What happens after I sign the quote?”
• I license the stock imagery after final approval (thus the watermarks & quality)
• Line icons are from Freepik

Thank you in advance!

There are too many cartoon icons. It probably wouldn’t seem so juvenile if the icons were more detailed.

The cartoon people clash with the photos of people. Use one or the other, not both. Photo’s of people are probably more widely preferred.

A good start. Professional aesthetic and generally easy to follow.

The magenta triangle looks really out of place. I’d change this to blue.

1, 2, 3… Font is an odd choice. I would stick with the main font in black or bold.

Fix your bullets. They should be indented so that the bullets jut out to the left of the text edge.

Essentials Projects: ~3months
Delete the “~”
It’s weird on the next line ~6-9 Months.

Centred justified text doesn’t look great. I would change this to centred (not justified).

I like the look and you have something really great here, I just think a bit more work on the flow… it’s a bit off for me. I feel a little lost after the first “within one business day”. After that I’m not sure what really happens… I’d repeat the larger heading in relation to timeline (eg. “Within the first month”). After that, introduce a sub heading explaining the “standard communications plan”. That said, would the icons under “standard communications plan” be better headings? Think step 1, step 2, step 3… could you classify like that? I always think to myself, could my 82 year old aunt follow this?

I would also keep consistent with the image/heading, then explanation and bold up the section dividers so it’s more clear.

Being consistent with the paragraph alignment would also look better… especially with the bullets, align them to hang in the margin so they are easier to see. Tighten up your leading and add better spacing after bullets there too.
I agree the pink (and the yellow actually) don’t tie in…stay with the blues/greens

Thanks for the feedback! Iconography was a long struggle with this project, I wasn’t sure how to represent all of the roles that people take in this process, and its a lot of text in that section. Including more detail in the icons made the whole design feel very cluttered to me. Good advice about the cartoon icons though-I will definitely update those.

Thank you @Buda this was all very helpful feedback, I will be making all of those changes!

Thank you @wdesign I agree that the flow needs improvement. The sections don’t visually guide you through each section, so I will work on the hierarchy and consistency. And now that it’s been pointed out that I’m using centered, left aligned AND justified text alignment I’m definitely going to fix that. Yikes!

sigh i love the magenta triangle but this isn’t the first time someone has mentioned that it stands out too much. RIP

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