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I have created a digital brochure (letter size). They wanted me to use the same colors that are on their flyer - black background with white and green lettering.

I didn’t use a grid (I am still confused about how to use a grid for page layout). The font I have chosen is okay (if anyone has better please let me know). My problem is how to make the layout look nicer. Thanks.

Can you use the same colors without using a black background? It’s harder to read.

Grids are the solution to your question, so I suggest you get more familiar with them. They really aren’t difficult to use. Some books on grids make it far too complicated, so I’d look for a simple tutorial. has at least one, maybe more.

Sorry but the colors actually have the opposite effect than what the first image says these hacks are supposed to help. If you must use this color palette, the lighter green should be the dominant color to reinforce reducing anxiousness and depression. As it is, the concepts of anxiousness and depression are reinforced.

The images seem to be going in the right direction.


It’s so dark!

I love the photos you chose, I would love to see these played with a bit, maybe some blended into a clean white background. Some clean, columned type with stylish headers. A re-designed cover that really gets the reader’s attention, Big bold type, Maybe one of those colorful cystals sitting next to a jar of CBD oil, with a fair amount of negative space.

The way it is now, all I can really say is a love your choice of imagery. From what I read, it looks rather well written. And had the type been formatted in some way, I might have read the entire piece.

Way too many words in small white type on black background.

The brochure is full of pseudoscientific nonsense. No way, I’ll offer any advice on what is, essentially, a scam targeting the gullible.

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Just what are you implying? I have stopped my depression medication and started sleeping with a crystal under my pillow. Tomorrow I start a healthy regimen of walking around in the grass without shoes

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Haha! I’m not sure I would’ve said exactly that, but I must admit my cynical Legal Department brain perked right up as soon as I got to the first of specific instructions:


Follow that with:
“Unless of course the fire ants have made their way up to your inner thighs by this point, in which case you may find feelings of stress and pain difficult to avoid . . .”

On the contrary, I think they are excellent tips. I’ve researched and used natural remedies for many years.

Some of it’s good, commonsense advice about dealing with stress. Some of it is complete nonsense with no scientific evidence to support the contentions.

For example:

Sleep with an amethyst stone under your pillow so that you wake up refreshed and clear-headed — There’s no real evidence and no conceivable scientific explanation for something that clearly lies outside the realm of physics. Could there be a placebo effect that’s purely psychological? Yes.

Balance CBD receptors in you brain by ingesting CBD when you awake. — There’s no evidence to support ingesting CBD products will balance anything. If so, it could just as easily overload natural neuroreceptors and throw them out of balance.

Wear a clear quartz throughout the day, and if something stressful pops up, hold your rose quartz in your hand to help dissolve negative vibrations/emotions. —There is no scientific evidence for the existence of “negative vibrations” and no explanation for the violation of physical laws that would need to take place for magical effect on one’s emotions from holding a rock — a placebo effect maybe, but no physical effect. From the standpoint of known physical processes, it’s impossible.

Did you know that crystals have been used for their powerful healing properties since ancient times? — Numerous studies have shown that crystals, which are nothing more than atoms arranged in a repeating pattern, have absolutely no effect on healing and would, once again, violate the known laws of physics if they did.

The earth is like a giant battery that contains a natural, subtle electric charge present in the ground. This charge creates safety and stability in almost everything with electricity going through it. Ever notice how you must ground your electronics? Well, did you know that you have electricity coursing through you body also? It would make sense that you would also need to stabilize that electric current just like you would a refrigerator. —These contentions, false equivalencies, and made-up nonsense contains so much misconstrued half-baked pseudoscience that I don’t even know where to start. I’ll just say that it’s utter nonsense.

This whole brochure taps into the recent fad with cannabinoids, which certainly do have an effect on people’s neurochemistry, but the pseudoscientific nonsense this article is claiming is metaphysical baloney.

Think about breaking the type up so that it’s easier to read. Like maybe two columns or use larger margins.
Think about what is most important on each page and have one element that is the ‘hero’ of that page
Also, is the color working? Sometimes clients ask for things that don’t work.
on the cover - when elements are too close in size they don’t really show what is most important. Make titles bigger and/or smaller to show what is important.

These are just a few some tips. Google grid systems, and look up Chris Do the futur on Youtube.

Keep working at it and I think you can get a design that works well.Good luck!

Reading over my previous response, it seems I might have come on a bit too strong. I didn’t mean to offend. It’s just that I’m a strong proponent of good, solid, repeatable and verifiable scientific evidence when it comes to these kinds of claims. :neutral_face:

Sounds like someone needs some rose quartz under their pillow


Ok, thanks. I have a subscription which I never use. I knew grid would be the solution but I don’t know why I can’t seem to wrap my head around it. I think grids=math and I just get anxiety. I will take a look around lynda’s site. Thanks again.

Hi All,

Thanks for your advice. The client unfortunately wanted the black but i will see if i can talk her out of it. ednamonterrosa, Biggs thank you and all others for their advice about grids and making parts of the page stand out. Will check out Lynda and Chris Do on info on grids. Thanks again.

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