Double meaning logo

Hi everyone,
I would like to propose the logo I created for my portfolio.

I did a search on my name Valentina. I discovered that the Romans used “vale” as “hello”.
I liked this, because I wanted the logo to have a double meaning, my name “vale” and another meaning “hello”.

Trying various combinations of “vale”
I discovered that you could also read the word “me” and I liked it even more!

What do you think about it ?


It says ME and is using Pantone’s color of the year.
Two Strikes.

I first saw WE, then ME, then a downward trending chart line. Also, in the rectangular version, there is visual tension where the V meets the frame in the upper left corner.

Without your explanation, I would not get VALE out of this.

You didn’t see the mountains?

ahahh :slight_smile: I saw the mountains when “vale” did not have the frame

Thanks for the comment. All my friends saw the first word “vale”, but I hoped they had seen it as a second word. My friends call me “vale” so maybe that’s why, they read “vale” and not “me” or “we”.

If your friends are your target market, you’re set. If your target market is people that don’t know you, you might want to rethink the logo.

Yup, there’s no way that people who don’t know “vale” would read vale out of that. IMO.

Sketches? Other ideas? I think you’re trying to shoehorn this one into working.

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The Romans spoke Latin. In that language, vale means goodbye. Salve is the equivalent of hello.

Anyway, I think your reference is way too obscure for people to pick up on without you explaining it to them. Clever double meanings aren’t all that clever when hardly anyone gets either one of them.

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For the reason you say, I focused to find a different meaning to “vale”(my name, hello, goodbye whatever) then the word “me”.

I like the fact that you can read “me” and that only some are able to read “vale”

I find it banal a logo with your name on a portfolio. This is why I worked to find another meaning “me”
I hope I explained myself


The logo itself is well executed, but i feel the “E” is far to literal while the rest is far more abstract.
Gathering the word ‘vale’ in its entirety is a stretch. Not that it’s require for the client to fully understand a logo’s meaning inside and out.

But it should ‘read’ in some capacity, otherwise there’s nothing for the viewer to correlate the piece to, and should it stand alone, becomes meaningless with context.

This of this logo as a sign above a business. could you tell what the business does? in this case, you wouldn’t so much as have a clue.

Biggs, I’m firmly against the notion that a logo - the bug itself - literally has to describe what a business does. That all comes with the marketing. Otherwise you all would have keyboards and lightbulbs in yours (or a printer would have to use CMYK as colors.)
Try this (or start then hit the Give Up button to see the names):

If the bug is the name, it pretty much has to be legible though.

Designs are really nice but “vale” the word cant understand properly sometime it looks like ‘we’ sometime it looks ‘me’, I think you can fix L section so that it can be understand properly. And if you want your logo should be look like this then its alright.

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