Drew a monster for friend's 40th birthday

Feel free to critique :smiley:


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I love the idea and think it’s very clever! I would say that the lines seem a bit shaky and not too smooth. Do you have Illustrator? I think the pen tool would achieve a smooth version of this. Also, the monster is drastically darker than your friend. I would either lighten him up a bit more to make the shadows match your friend or darken your friend. Otherwise, I like the font and color choices.

Hiya DeborahR,

Thanks for the comment :smiley:

I like your ideas for the lines.

I had drawn this with my pen on surface pro 3 and unfortunately, either the surface doesn’t respond well or the pen is just not that good… or who knows, maybe it’s me. But I have seen it come out smooth if I zoom in. Some reason when i am at just 100% it seems to be shakier.

One day, when I am finally back on my desktop, I can draw using my cintiq and that is definitely a lot smoother. I do prefer the hand drawn look over the total smoothness of illustrator on occasion.

The darkness is a bit off. Thanks for noticing that. I tried to match the shadow levels but I should have caught the lightness on the two subjects.


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