Dropping in to say hi to all the old crowd!

Hey guys! I see the forum seems to have finally been liberated! Its been a long time since I have been around! I see Kool, Red, B, Buda, PanToshi, and KitchWitch are still here! Who else from the old gang is still kicking? It is awesome to “see” you all again. I tried to find my old avatar but I seem to have miss placed it.

I am not working in design much anymore. :frowning: I kept getting offers to do web stuff and that evolved more and more into programming web applications and now I am doing that full time. I like it, it pays better than my design ever did, but design is still my first love!

Actually cool story! A small design job I picked up here on the forms, gave me a client that kept sending stuff my way. He is an entrepreneur, and sent several website projects my way. Then one day he asked me if I could build a small web app for his business and it was simple enough that I could handle it. Later he wanted to build a full blown CRM (customer relations management system) and asked me if I could help with it and lead a team! Then after that was successful, he decided that it might be profitable to start a SAAS business and we began talking about the details. We became business partners, and he is the CEO and I am the CTO (chief technology officer) and we are about to launch our first version of our new web application!

Any way, I hope all is well with you’all!


Wow sounds like you’re doing OK Skribe :slight_smile:

Good luck with all that and good to hear from you again.

Howdy, skribe!

I’m glad you made it back. Yeah, we’ve been liberated, revamped, revitalized, reinvented, and this new forum is doing quite well. Quite a few of the old forum members have made it back, and we’ve picked up some really good new ones as well.

Congratulations on the new job/title/position. Sometimes things work out. :grinning:

I was wondering where you’d been keeping yourself! Good to see you, skribe. Sounds like life’s been good! Congrats! ! Badgers Den is thataway —> and the fridge should be well stocked with libations! Help yourself!

Hi Scribe.
Sounds like a really cool deal you’ve gotten yourself into there! Best of luck!

Thanks guys! Glad to see you are still around too PrintDriver! Even though my new work keeps me pretty busy I hope to frequent here a bit more often and see if I can’t cause a little trouble. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Skribe!!! Welcome Back!!! :heart::heart:

I’m glad you found us and I’m super happy for you and your new adventure! How exciting!!!

Cheers Bud!!! :beers::beers:

Hi Skribe! I pop in every few days :slight_smile:

See you round

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