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I am new to the graphic design community and wanted to have the ability to talk with other designers. A little bit about me: I went to college and earned a degree in Psychology. I then went on to tutoring for about a year, but haven’t been able to earn a stable living due to off-seasons and busy seasons leading to students taking less classes. So I’ve decided to learn something that was a hobby for me in my teenage years, graphic design. I’ve been reading and watching whatever I could find to absorb as much information on theory, technique, and the industry as possible. I’ve also dumped in hours of exploring, learning, and practicing with the Adobe Creative Cloud. I’m hoping to get some real world experience soon and so thought it would be good to be part of a graphic design community in order to continue to grow and make friends.

Thanks for taking the time to read my introduction post,

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Welcome Aboard Nick. :slight_smile:

We have several folks on here who are self taught and or still learning. We also have whole section for Students.

Ask away if you have any questions :slight_smile:


Thanks for the welcome. I’m glad to hear there are others in similar situations as me here. :slight_smile:

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Welcome, Nick. I am also new here.

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