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would love to hear feedback on a logo for an annual breakfast event (60-70 minutes) our company holds for seattle business people, asking them to help support a very small, inner-city school for kids at risk (which usually graduates @12 students/year). there are about 200+ people at the event and there is an “ask” which nets about $45,000 in donations.the event name is daybreak.

the logo will never be smaller than 2.5" wide or 300 px wide (which both still show the details clearly). the gold is one of the colors of the school and the logo will most likely be paired with a photo showing city buildings or a group of the students (or something like that; it may be reversed out in white).

thanks! :slight_smile:

Ms. O

What do the symbols inside the logo refer to? I might like this better without them. Good luck!

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If it is used pretty large, my only concern would be the odd rounded blocks representing (I assume) an office building.

One, the blocks “float” off the bottom of the sun because it is their outline that is sitting on the bottom, rather than the inner counters of the blocks. Two, at a larger size the tiny gas between the inner blocks appear, and because of how the blocks align, the center edges are double the width of the other line work.

Personally, I think even at a larger size I’d increase the line weights of the inner mountain and space needle illustration to be heavier, and IMO the building illustration should be rethought.

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I do believe they represent the city of Seattle. Kinda hard to delete them…

the symbols refer to downtown seatte, the space needle and the mountains that surround the city. :slight_smile:

thanks…good feedback. i’ll rework. :slight_smile:

Hello. Just wondering if the space needle by itself might be enough? It’s pretty well-known


yes, that’s true. it might look a little lonely tho…ha! given that this logo will likely be super-imposed over an image of downtown (with the space needle visible), i’m not sure if anything is necessary to have inside the sun, as someone suggested above. :slight_smile:


Many seattle postcards shows Space Needle and Mt. Rainier so if you have a space needle and one mountain next to it, it would be instantly recognizable to people familiar with Seattle.

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