Ever traded design for something else?

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Nice! Good trade!

I remember doing a magazine for a bunch of lads doing souped-up cars, and they couldn’t pay their bills. So I took their cars in lieu of payment and held onto them. They had 3 months to pay the bill or I sold the cars.

They paid the bill and got their cars back.

Another time I was doing a brochure design for an ice-cream company.
I jokingly said that I can get the job done sooner if they supplied free ice-cream.

They took it seriously!
And dropped a mega-load of ice-cream into us.

Naturally, we didn’t charge them - and just traded the ice-cream for the design.

It worked out tastily well!

I used to do street signage a few times a year for a little bistro where I used to hang out (it’s closed now.) The owner bought the A-frame and I supplied the graphic layout and prints for 3 hamburger dinners each (they had the BEST hamburgers!) I still paid the cover charge for the band if one was playing the nights I stopped in for eats. I considered that their money. :slight_smile:

I’ve also entered local ‘design contests’ (oh the horrors! LOL) where the prize was something I wanted, like fishing gear or computer equipment or theatre tickets. I won a couple of them. But no one does that kind of thing much any more. It’s cheaper to just get a $5 thing online than it is to set up and run a contest. What’s that say about the industry, huh? (sigh.)

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At the beginning of my career, bartering for goods and services didn’t involve paying taxes. As a result, there were barter services that connected people. I signed up for one and got quite a bit of work.

If I designed, for example, a logo for someone, I would get 600 credits instead of $600. I could use those credits at any other business belonging to the organization. It worked well until the U.S. Internal Revenue Service began requiring the barter organization to provide records of the transactions for tax purposes. That pretty much ended it.


In the olden days, my dad was starting out and made a slide show for a new client and took payment in english muffins. They went into the freezer in the garage. We had english muffins for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a few months. My mom would pack my school lunch and make the sandwich with english muffins.

no never

Have traded design for beer for mates when they had a little project they needed done :beers: :sunglasses:

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I usually trade design for money. :wink:

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Crypto now that would be something.

Or virtual lands


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