Favorite Logo out of the 3?

So I am making a graphic design business “Blue Shape Creative Studio” and I have made some logos for said business.
Which one of these logos do you like the best? which one is working the best? do you even like any of them if so why if not why? Thank you in advance for all the great comments!

A and C are generic but could be used if worked on more.
B is a no go for me. It reads Blu Esh Ape. Never break up words like that. (in my opinion anyway :wink: )


The middle one caught my attention first, but as soon as it did, I read BLUISH APE. Which, now that I think about it, might be a good name for a design business. :wink:

As RKK said, the other two don’t have the APE problem, but they’re awfully conventional for a design studio that really should display a bit more creativity. There must be more engaging shapes than a filled-in B or a couple of squares.

Using an animated shape for a logo could be sort of cool — one that would also lend itself to a non-moving version.



Aaaah, no, not more droplets!
There’s something vaguely meme-ish about #3. Wasn’t there a blue square logo everyone was making fun of not too long ago?

I saw the “Blue-ish Ape” too. Good name for a band.

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Okay, yes, I’m an old fart. With that out of the way, I remember an article in Step-by-Step Graphics, I told you I was an old fart, probably from the early 90s. The article was on a branding program for a company called “blue.” I think it was a clothing store. Anyway, the logo was an orange box with blue reversed out of it. It was a killer branding program. I wish I could find it, but it would be like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. For whatever reason, it has stuck with me all of these years. Point being, make it memorable. I’m not sure any of these are all that memorable. The company is called Blue Shape, and you’re using a blue shape. Whatever happened to the Point Blank concept?

I had to scrap the “Point Blank Design Studio” idea. Their are wayyyyyy too many businesses called point blank (insert business type here) and a lot of them are design businesses focusing on Graphic design in particular.

I agree that they are all pretty generic. I have been experimenting with some other designs that are more unique and will be posting them on here shortly for a critique once I feel they are done and up to par. I really wanted #2 to work but I see exactly what you mean by it reading “bluish ape” (which is a great band name, I imagine either punk or a psychedelic rock band)

You ought to consider Bluish Ape for the company name.

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I like the Bluish Ape name as well, but if you use #2, for goodness sake, spell it correctly.

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