Feedback and Rating on Our New Logo Designs

Great to see you are taking it the right way, @revitalizerealty!

By the way, before you ask the next designer to come up with a logo, I got a couple of questions for you.

Is the brand name “Revitalize Realty” off limits in your rebranding efforts?

What do you actually “revitalize”? Are you as a company specialized in refurbished apartments or something? Maybe you make apartments out of cool industrial buildings? If not, why was the name “Revitalize” chosen? Does it speak more to the apartment owners or more to the prospective tenants?

I could go on, but I guess you get what I’m getting at. If you are already going through a rebranding exercise, you might want to think about the entire concept of your brand, not just the logo design.

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Even though it’s similar - I don’t find an match online to it - it’s not a terribly unique idea - your current logo that is - but it’s unique enough not to be caught out.

At least they tried to disguise it and did something - or perhaps it was original all along.

Plenty of places have terrible logos that all look the same.

Digging deeper into the entire brand concept will help to guide all design decisions. A good design will tell your brand story and vision and underscore your unique selling proposition. So ask yourself, what makes your service special - from your customers point of view. What attracts your customers? What are their values? In regards to their lifestyle and aspirations, what kind of apartments would they dream to live in? What’s the architecture of their dream home? Energy efficient green buildings or opulent baroque palaces?

For the designer handling your project, he may give his best, but he won’t have all your insights about your business. So you need to share your insights with him. Don’t try to be his creative director, but also don’t leave everything up to a stranger - the face of your company, your success and your livelihood will depend on it.


You could, but it almost certainly wouldn’t do any good.

Google wouldn’t be concerned about crowdsourcing sites lowering the quality bar and reducing salaries for graphic designers. They likely view crowdsourcing as a legitimate and disruptive new business model.

They might have some concern about freelance fraud and the sweat shops you mentioned, but I’m guessing they would view that as an internal problem for the crowdsourcing businesses to take care of themselves.

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@Just-B thanks, and won’t go off topic, but just wanted to say it would be more about regulating the industry than removing pesky adverts.
Personally, I wouldnt mind doing a course one day a year, or a few a year, to maintain my accreditation as a graphic designer. Continued Professional Development (CPD) is what I would push for.

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