Feedback for graphic design portfolio

Hello everyone,

I’m fairly new to GDF and I was hoping I might be able to find some honest feedback on my graphic design & illustration portfolio that I’ve been using to try and find work hopefully in a creative agency or in-house. (hopefully the link should work).

I just graduated from university a few months ago but have been spending lots of time tweaking my site and adding a mixed bag of work along with some photography which is my core hobby alongside it. I have been doing graphic design as part of my education for the past five years although I haven’t really tried applying for anything as I have a fear of not being good enough and falling behind.

I want to get an idea of how portfolio’s user experience works to people who view it, and how it might measure up against just using an Instagram account and the rest of the design industry, and of course the chances it might give me of finding beneficial employment and experience!

I’ve previously gained feedback from family and coursemates to start with, although I would take any professional insight from people who can constructively suggest what I could do to improve.

Thank you,


I like that you have your hobbies of photography set on a different page, but your first page doesn’t tell me what kind of graphic designer you are. Are you applying to be a graphic designer for typography? Are you wanting to do product design? Cover design? I feel that the front page is too versatile. I felt this guy had some legit things to say, although I do not follow his advice to a T, he makes some good points.

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