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I’m interested in constructive criticism for particular items. I frequently get customers who place their order incorrectly, despite the fact that there are clear instructions. I would like to resolve this issue. Maybe an outside set of eyes can help with this. I have listed my links below.

I can provide links to my items.

Thanks in advance.

Yes. I’ve boosted your user level up a notch, which should enable you to post links.

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Thank you!

Problem: customers purchase “Printing Only” and expect me to create their business card design and/or logo.

Problem: customers purchase and expect physical printed business cards.

If your potential clients expect/need a logo as part of a business card, then they’re noobs to the concepts of business branding, and you’re going to have to expect confusion, and be very clear about your deliverables. And I think you’ve done a thorough job explaining your terms under the Kindly Note section, but all the product options need to be laid out side by side so the clients can compare. It has to be in your product list, and not down the page where people have to scroll. The farther down the page, the less importance your clients will assign to it.

Problem 1:

  • In the dropdown for Quantity and Artwork, I would change the text from Printing Only to Printing Only (you supply finished card ready-to-print). I would also change BC Design to Printing & Business Card Design, and I would move that above Printing Only in the dropdown so people assume that is the more prominent product. I might also add a third category for Reprinting Only (I reprint your previous order), and put that below Printing. I would also consider adding 2 more categories that include logo design. If there’s a market for it and they’re willing to pay, I say add it. I would add a category for Printing & Business Card Design & Logo Design (Circle Logo)… so you would be treating this as a template and adapting your circle logo to other people’s initials. And then I’d add another for Printing & Business Card Design & Logo Design (Custom Logo)… and that would be the really really expensive one. Even if nobody chooses that, you’ve included it in your product list and you’ve helped them visualize logos as a separate product in your catalog, so maybe reduces the confusion that they are included in Business Card Design. Lastly, I’d change the name of the product to Frosty Plastic Business Cards - Holographic Foil Business Cards - Printing & Design & Logos.

Thank you for the detailed and useful input!

Unfortunately, Etsy only allows a certain number of characters and the suggested titles are too long for the drop down menu titles. Also, they only allow two drop down menus. I use one as confirmation they’ve read the entire item details; which they still don’t and dishonestly choose “I’ve read and agree.” So I guess this hasn’t been helpful and can be replaced with something more constructive.

I think your recommendations would be more effective than what I have now.

Thank you very much!

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